The first ever College Football Playoff National Championship will feature the Oregon Ducks and the Ohio State Buckeye. The Ducks earned their berth after a 59-20 blowout against the Florida State Seminoles at this year’s Rose Bowl, and the Buckeyes upset the No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide 42-35 to make it to the game.

Since the matchup was decided on the 1st of January, ticket prices on the secondary market have exploded. Between the semifinal announcement and the end of the Sugar Bowl, tickets were selling for an average of $1,083 on the secondary market.

Since January 1, the average ticket price has leapt by 20% and over $200 to $1,297 on the secondary market. This price is also 30% higher than the average price for tickets to last year’s BCS Championship game.

Because of the playoff structure this year, fans did not know with certainty until much later whether their teams would make it to the national championship.  Now knowing that their teams are in the final, Oregon and Ohio State fans are now more willing to make the necessary investment to see the game.

In addition, the particular combination of teams in the final has likely contributed to the increase in ticket prices.  Oregon has been on the cusp of a national title for years at this point, so unlike Florida State fans, they are leaping at the opportunity to see their team win the title. Ohio State fans are also hungrier for a national tile than Crimson Tide fans who have already had 3 national titles this decade.