At an average resale price of $237, Ortiz’s final game at Fenway Park this Sunday will be the hottest MLB ticket of any game in the 2016 regular season, barely topping the season opener and World Series ceremony in Kansas City on 4/4/16 ($227). Across the league, the game will be the fifth most in-demand regular season baseball ticket since 2010.

That also means that this game is one of the most in-demand Red Sox tickets SeatGeek has seen since they began tracking the secondary ticket market in 2010. That $237 price point ranks ninth all time for the Sox, falling behind only three 2013 World Series home games, two ALCS games, opening day in 2014, and a couple high-profile visits from the Yankees. Sunday’s game is a hotter ticket than three ALCS and ALDS games during the 2013 championship run.

Tickets to Final David Ortiz Game

Red Sox fans might be interested to know how this game compares to another baseball legend’s final game. Tickets to see Derek Jeter’s sendoff at Yankee Stadium on September 25, 2014, resold for $422 on average, nearly twice the price of the Ortiz game, which is the hottest regular season game we’ve ever tracked.

The good news for Sox fans is that prices to the Ortiz game have been dropping, with the median listing price falling from well over $400 a week ago to just under $336 today. The “get-in price” (cheapest ticket) available is currently $153.

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