For the second straight year, baseball’s second Wild Card format gave a franchise breaking away from decades worth of futility the chance to host the exciting, all-in affair. After the Pittsburgh Pirates became the first home team to win a Wild Card winner-take-all game in the 2013 postseason (though, sadly, they couldn’t repeat in 2014), the Kansas City Royals hosted their own version of MLB’s play-in game this week; it was KC’s first playoff appearance since winning the World Series… in 1985.

Their prospects have rarely lived up to the hype, their manager plays small ball almost to a fault and history just seems to be against them, but the Royals weathered a mighty storm from the Oakland A’s in the Wild Card game and stole a walk-off victory thanks to timely bullpen work and a whole lot of speed. Now, once-starving Royals fans are racing out to find tickets, shelling out riverboat-loads of cash for the chance to eat up the playoff atmosphere first hand.

The Royals are opening up the throttle in the playoffs with their extreme speed on the bases.

The ALDS games in KC between the Royals and top-seeded Los Angeles Angels are far and away the most expensive in any city this year. On Wednesday, fans paid an average of $325 on the secondary market for a seat to Game 3, double the average of $162 we were seeing for that potential game on Tuesday morning. The cheapest ticket available also went from $111 Tuesday morning to its current mark of $205, but that’s just for standing room; the least expensive actual seat for Game 3 is now listed at $236.

Buying activity also skyrocketed yesterday, as more than half of the tickets resold for Game 3 since they first became available were purchased on Wednesday. To date, the average price paid for a Game 3 ticket is $244, and it’s $175 for Game 4. Those are the two highest average ticket prices among Division Series games this year, and in fact, Game 3 is on pace to be the most expensive Division Series game we’ve ever tracked, dating back to the 2009 season. The previous high of $182 had been for Game 3 of the Pirates-Cardinals NLDS in Pittsburgh last season which, as we stated, was another occasion of shaking off over 20 years of no-playoff funk.

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Ticket Demand for Royals Playoff Tickets – Los Angeles Angels ALDS

Beyond Kansas City, average ticket prices in the other seven MLB ballparks where games will be played this week range from $97 at Busch Stadium in St. Louis to $159 at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Tickets for Game 1 of Royals-Angels in LA are going for $101 apiece, with Game 2 tickets reselling for $99 each on average; a potential Game 5 would be the priciest ticket of the series out west at $127 per ticket. Tickets start at anywhere from $44-$60 depending on the game in LA, while the get-in prices for Games 3 and 4 in KC are $205 and $124, respectively. No other Division Series games across MLB have get-in prices above $100.
Even the face of the Royals can't believe how wild their first playoff game in 30 years was... what will happen next?
If you think prices are high for these ALDS games in Kansas City, brace yourself for the scenario in which they advance to the ALCS. Tickets for those games go on sale to the public this Friday at 10a CT, but some seats from season ticket holders are already posted for resale on the secondary market. The cheapest ticket for any of the three potential home games in that series is currently listed for $221, but expect that price to jump after tickets sell out Friday morning and once again in the first 24 hours after the Royals clinch a spot in the ALCS. Not to get too far ahead, but if KC advances to the World Series, watch out — the cheapest ticket listed for any of those potential games right now is $590!

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