Once again, the New England Patriots have the second most expensive tickets on the secondary market, with an average price of $342 a ticket. Last year the Pats also placed second, only finishing behind the Seahawks. Here is the overall average resale price for the top five teams so far this year:

Average resale price for the top five teams in 2015

Green Bay Packers: $344
New England Patriots: $342
Seattle Seahawks: $326
Denver Broncos: $325
Chicago Bears: $297

As one of the top teams in the league, the Patriots find themselves in three of the Top 10 match-ups for this upcoming season based on average resale price. Currently the Top 10 games are:

Top 10 NFL Games of 2015

Bears at Packers (11/26): $533
Packers at Broncos (11/01): $469
Steelers at Patriots (9/10): $465
Seahawks at Packers (9/20): $427
Steelers at Seahawks (11/29): $425
Patriots at Broncos (11/29): $399
Jets at Patriots (10/25): $386
Packers at Bears (9/13): $385
Bears at Seahawks (9/27): $374
49ers at Seahawks (11/22): $351

Fans looking to see their favorite team and save money should focus on the Titans at Pats game on Dec. 20, as it has the lowest average resale price of any of New England’s home games. The average ticket is reselling for $237, but on SeatGeek there are currently tickets as low as $127 for this game.

Patriots Tickets

While single game tickets were very difficult to procure, those who did get through to purchase them will have saved a significant amount of money, as tickets on the secondary market are selling for higher prices. For example, the average lower level seat at midfield has resold for $842 for the season opener, which is more than double the $370 price the tickets sold at today.

Even the seats in the upper level corners for that game are going for $281 on average, nearly double their $145 face value. We do believe the resale averages will fall slightly as the game approaches. Last year the average price of a ticket to the Pats home opener was $288 on July 15, but by game day that number had dropped to $260.