Ticket Demand for Philadelphia 76ers – Iverson Jersey Retirement

When it came to basketball in Philadelphia during the ten years Allen Iverson was a member of the Sixers, it never really mattered what the question was. There was only one Answer. AI played point guard on the court, but Iverson always meant far more to the Philadelphia 76ers. The intensity he displayed in and out of the game represented the City of Brotherly Love’s blue-collar style; his thoughtful responses to the scrutiny and criticism he sweated under showed that there was far more to Allen Iverson the person than skills with a basketball and a hip-hop attitude.

He was pestered about practice, inspired a player dress code from the front office, and never failed to entertain fans while challenging opponents on both ends of the floor. He reigned as MVP in 2001 and led Philadelphia to the NBA Finals almost solely through sheer force of will. Iverson put Reebok back on the map and, at least for one night, he’s doing the same for the club that drafted him nearly 20 years ago. The Sixers haven’t won in a month and are stuck in the basement of the NBA, destined for the lottery; they can only hope it pans out as well as AI did in 1996.

Philadelphia 76ers Tickets

Iverson hasn’t been on the NBA court for four years (during his last tour with the Sixers), but his presence generates ticket demand that matches the league’s biggest star and defending champions of today. Tickets for the 76ers-Wizards game this Saturday at Wells Fargo Center are going for $163 apiece on average on the secondary market. That average ticket price is the second-highest we’ve recorded in the past five seasons of Sixers home games, just behind their January 17 game against the Miami Heat earlier this year ($170). At face value, tickets to Saturday’s game ranged from $50-$365.

Now on the secondary market, the least expensive available ticket in the $50-$65 face value range of the upper deck is listed for $110. In the lower level $90-$125 face value range behind the baskets, tickets are now listed on the resale market starting at $156 each. While tickets to the game on Saturday are listed at $110 and up, you can get into any of the Sixers’ other 10 remaining home games for $32 or less. That $32 get-in price is for the Knicks game on Friday, March 21, but seats are available to seven of the 10 games for less than $20.

Allen Iverson Jersey Retirement Game – Sixers vs. Wizards Ticket Prices

Despite the Sixers' failure to win a single game in the last month, ticket prices for Wizards - 76ers has risen because Allen Iverson remains a huge draw in Philadelphia.

On November 26, the day prior to the announcement that the team would be retiring Iverson’s jersey March 1, tickets to the Wizards – Sixers game were selling for just $86 each on the resale market; the average ticket price has nearly doubled since then. We saw tickets change hands for as little as $10 in the first few weeks of the season, and now the cheapest ticket available is 11-times that price ($110 for an upper-deck ticket). In just the last two weeks, the average ticket price has jumped 38% from $118 per ticket on February 12 to $163 during the last 24 hours.

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