With an average resale price of $298, this weekend’s Texas A&M-Alabama game is currently the eighth most expensive game in college football this season. Interestingly it’s not even the most expensive college football game this weekend, as the Notre Dame-USC game has an average resale price of $383 a ticket.

While this will be the most expensive Texas A&M home game this season, it is only the fourth most expensive home game of the past five years. These three games all had higher average resale prices:

Most Expensive Texas A&M Football Home Games Since 2010

Matchup Date Ticket Price
Alabama at Texas A&M 09/14/13 $639.00
LSU at Texas A&M 10/20/12 $340.00
Texas at Texas A&M 11/24/11 $303.00

This weekend’s matchup between Texas A&M and Alabama is more expensive than any Houston Texans home game of the season, showing just how much demand there is for college football in the area. The most expensive Texans home game this year is their December matchup with the Patriots, which has an average resale price of $293.

Tickets to Alabama Crimson Tide at A&M Aggies

Not only are Texas A&M and Alabama two of the top ranked teams in the country, but they also have some of the most expensive tickets in college football. Alabama is ranked third in the nation, with an overall average resale price of $163 a ticket. Texas A&M is ranked sixth in the nation, with an average resale price of $141.
(Photo courtesy Ed Schipul via Wikipedia.)