With an average resale price of $645 a ticket, it is clear demand is through the roof to see Notre Dame open its season against Texas. The prime seats along the sideline in the lower level have an average resale price of $987, while those in the lower level end zone are going for an average of $526. Fans can save some money by sitting upstairs, but even the upper level seats in the end zone still have an average resale price of $450.

Notre Dame vs Texas Tickets

Contrary to what typically happens with a sporting event, ticket prices have actually gone up as the Notre Dame-Texas matchup approaches. A month ago the median listing price was $717, and currently it is $1,013. The get-in price (cheapest ticket for sale) has seen a similar trend, going from $529 a month ago to $579 currently.

Overall Notre Dame has the most expensive tickets in college football, with an average resale price of $376. Besides this huge game against Texas and the matchup against Boston College at Fenway Park, the Fighting Irish also have a home hame against USC that currently has an average resale price of $455. If fans of the Fighting Irish want to save money they may want to check out the date against Wake Forest, when the average ticket has resold for just $147.

Notre Dame Season Tickets

While the Longhorns are on the road for this game, they too are one of the more expensive teams to see in college football, ranking 18th with an average resale price of $111. Their most expensive home game of the season is when Kansas State visits, with an average price of $130. The home game against Rice is currently the cheapest, with an average resale price of $87.

It seems as though many fans will be making the trek to see the Longhorns, as 48 percent of those looking for tickets on our site live in Texas. This is far more than any other state, with Illinois (7 percent) and California (6 percent) coming in second and third. While Notre Dame is certainly a team with fans across the country, this would seem to indicate there will be a fair share of burnt orange in the crowd.