Just a couple of seasons ago, it looked like the resurgence of the Washington Redskins was inevitable. Robert Griffin III was a sensation, the defense had the potential for a renaissance, and an accomplished coach was at the helm. Fast forward to today, though, and things have soured in the nation’s capital. RG3 is hurt, again, the coach has been replaced by a first-timer, and the defense has been inconsistent as a unit despite undeniable talent in the front seven. Oh, and the owner continues to live in denial about people being offended by the team name. In what can be described as a fickle sports town, Washington football appears to be falling out of favor with some fans, based on the ticket demand data we’re seeing on the secondary market.

A Monday Night Football game against the Dallas Cowboys, a despised division rival with plenty of star power in its own right, could be seen as opportunity to inject some energy into a fan base, even on the road. Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, and league-leading rusher DeMarco Murray will push that sometimes porous Washington defense in hopes of adding on to their six-game winning streak, but the Redskins players and fan base would like nothing better than to stick it to Jerry’s Boys in an upset at AT&T Stadium. Perhaps long-time Cowboys nemesis and relatively new Washington wideout DeSean Jackson has saved some of his trademark primetime electricity for such an occasion.

The addition of big play threat DeSean Jackson has been one of the few bright spots for Washington this season.

Despite the potential, Dallas ticket buyers don’t appear to be feeling it. Monday night’s game is only averaging $200 on the secondary market, the lowest mark for a Washington game since 2010. Prices have decreased gradually over the last few seasons. After tickets averaged about $218 last season, prices dropped about 9% this year. In 2012, ticket prices were about 13% higher than this weekend with an average of $231. The two teams met on Thanksgiving that year which could have caused a higher average price, but the trend continues when looking back at other seasons. Prices have decreased 25% since 2011, when tickets averaged $250 on the resale market.

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Ticket Demand for Redskins at Cowboys – Monday Night Football

DeMarco Murray has been running over plenty of defenders this season and is on pace to knock down the all-time rushing record by the end of the year.

Part of this downward trend could be the game date, as Monday games have been particularly underwhelming this season in terms of average ticket price. This ranks as the most expensive MNF game so far this season, and it’s not particularly close.

Tickets to see the ‘Skins are about 54% more than tickets to last week’s Texans at Steelers matchup. Two weeks ago when the Niners played in St. Louis, tickets averaged a mere $55. As a benchmark, the 2013 preseason NFL Hall of Fame game pitting the Cowboys against the Dolphins averaged substantially more than that at $93. The seven Monday games this season have combined for an average ticket price of $118, which would rank 16th in the NFL. That means Monday games this season have averaged 43% lower on the resale market than the average Cowboys game.

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