With the United States a win away from its first Women’s World Cup title since 1999, secondary market ticket prices for the Final in Vancouver nearly doubled overnight, with the median listing price going from $348 to $678 just hours after the 2-0 victory against Germany. This will be the most expensive soccer game in North America in at least five years.

Fans who waited to see if the United States would reach the final before buying their tickets are now going to pay a premium, as listing prices have gone up 98 percent since before yesterday’s semifinal. Even those just looking to get in the stadium have seen a big price jump, as the get-in price went from $251 yesterday to $407 today, an increase of more than 50 percent. While prices will likely cool down after this initial surge, plenty of fans are still scooping up tickets for Sunday’s game.

2015 Women’s World Cup Finals Tickets

With Vancouver a short drive from the border, it’s not surprising that 86 percent of those looking to buy tickets on SeatGeek to the final live in the United States. Of those looking at tickets in the US, 24 percent are in Washington state, and another 21 percent are in California. Interestingly the next two states are Texas and New York, which each make up seven percent of those searching for tickets. This would seem to show that fans are willing to travel to this game, which is over a holiday weekend in the United States.

An estimated $2.3 million has already been spent on the secondary market for the game, with more sales sure to occur leading up to Sunday. Meanwhile the third place game in Edmonton Saturday, which will feature neither the United States nor Canada, has had only an estimated $15,000 spent on the secondary market.

The most expensive tickets in the stadium are those in the lower level along the sideline, which are selling for an average price of $653. Fans who still want to sit in the lower level, but also want to save some money, can sit behind one of the goals for an average cost of $375 per ticket. The cheapest area of the stadium to sit in is in the upper level behind the goals, where the average ticket has resold for $229.

Data courtesy of SeatGeek.com.