With nearly $1 million spent on the secondary market for the game, the semifinals for the Women’s World Cup has the largest secondary market of any game in the tournament so far. Nearly half of the sales have come since Friday, when the United States defeated China 1-0. Interestingly this game is cheaper than the US quarterfinal matchup. This may have something to do with the size of the stadium, with the Olympic Stadium in Montreal holding more than double the amount of people TD Place Stadium in Ottawa can fit.

Those who have waited until the last minute to purchase their tickets may save a significant amount of money, as prices have dropped since the start of the tournament. The median listing price for the semifinal game in Montreal was $244 when the tournament started on June 6, but today that number is all the way down to $86. Even over the past few days prices have seen a steep drop, as shortly after the US defeated China on Friday the median listing price was $153. The price to get in the door has dropped over the past few days too, going from $64 Saturday to just $43 this afternoon.

Women’s World Cup Tickets

While the overall average price for a ticket is $124, there is a lot of variation by where a fan wants to sit in the stadium. The most expensive seats are those in the 100-level at midfield, which have an average resale price of $306. The cheapest seats in the stadium are those behind the goal in the 400-level, where the average ticket has resold for just $58.

Of those looking to buy tickets for the game on SeatGeek, 81 percent live in the United States, while just 19 percent live in Canada. Of those searching for tickets in the US, 25 percent live in New York, and another 13 percent live in Massachusetts. With Montreal a very drivable distance from Boston and all the major cities in New York, it appears as though fans are prepared to make the trip.

While many are calling the USA-Germany matchup the de facto final, ticket prices for the actual final in Vancouver are still quite high, with the average ticket reselling for $350. This will easily make the match the most expensive game of the tournament. As for the other semifinal between Japan and England, a game played in Edmonton, the secondary market has been quite small, with an estimated $35,000 spent on resold tickets. The average price of a ticket purchased to the game is $85.