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I was just setting up a campaign where I needed to know the most popular hockey teams and honestly had almost no clue. I decided to pull some ticket data as a guide and I figured I would share it with you all. Prices seem quite high for NHL regular season openers, which is a trend I have seen across sports. The graph below shows the most expensive NHL games as determined by average ticket prices on the secondary market in October 2010.

  • The Flyers vs. Penguins interstate rivalry tops the list of October’s most expensive NHL matchups
  • The third most expensive game is between the Canadiens and the Maple Leafs, which, according to Wikipedia, is the oldest rivalry in the NHL and dates back to the early 1900s
  • 40% (6) of the most expensive 15 games are at CONSOL Energy Center vs the Penguins -(Pittsburgh is feverish about their sports – in my most recent look at NFL ticket price rankings, the Steelers were 3rd)

Top NHL Matchups in October by Average Ticket Price (raw data)

Philadelphia Flyers at Pittsburgh Penguins – 10/7 $367.17
Detroit Red Wings at Chicago Blackhawks – 10/9 $290.91
Montreal Canadiens at Toronto Maple Leafs – 10/7 $262.91
Tampa Bay Lightning at Montreal Canadiens – 10/13 $188.49
Ottawa Senators at Toronto Maple Leafs – 10/9 $185.25
Montreal Canadiens at Pittsburgh Penguins – 10/9 $184.92
Ottawa Senators at Montreal Canadiens – 10/16 $183.45
Philadelphia Flyers at Pittsburgh Penguins – 10/29 $170.74
Calgary Flames at Edmonton Oilers – 10/7 $151.53
New York Islanders at Pittsburgh Penguins – 10/15 $149.88
Ottawa Senators at Pittsburgh Penguins – 10/18 $139.29
Toronto Maple Leafs at New York Rangers – 10/15 $130.34
Toronto Maple Leafs at Pittsburgh Penguins – 10/13 $124.28
Detroit Red Wings at Dallas Stars – 10/14 $117.97
New Jersey Devils at Washington Capitals – 10/9 $110.74

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