With an average resale price of $280, Monday’s game between Ohio State and Virginia Tech is not only the most expensive Virginia Tech game of the past five years, but also the most expensive event in Virginia this year, topping a Duke-Virginia basketball game in January.

To get an idea of how expensive this game is for Virginia Tech, their second most expensive home game this season is when Pittsburgh visits, and the average resale price is $56. A Virginia Tech fan could actually buy a ticket to the other five home games for just $239, $41 cheaper than the average ticket to the Ohio State-Virginia Tech game.

Virginia Tech vs Ohio State

Next Monday’s game is actually the most expensive Ohio State away game, just barely topping a visit to Michigan, which has an average resale price of $279. Ohio State has two home games that are more expensive, when Michigan State visits ($353), and when Penn State visits ($320).

Of those looking for tickets to the game on our site, 36 percent live in Virginia, while a healthy 17 percent live in Ohio. Showing the major following that these two teams have (and specifically Ohio State), North Carolina (6 percent), Pennsylvania (6 percent and Texas (4 percent) round out the top five.
With the game just a week out we have seen the ticket prices starting to fall as sellers must offload inventory. At the beginning of August the median listing price was $370, but currently it is down to $312, a drop of 16 percent. A similar trend shows up for the cheapest tickets for sale, which have gone from $283 at the beginning of August to $229 currently.