With the United States advancing to the Gold Cup semifinals on Wednesday, ticket listing prices for Wednesday’s game in the Georgia Dome went up 83 percent over the weekend. Of those tickets that have actually sold, the average resale price of tickets leading up to Saturday was about $95, but since the United States victory the average ticket has resold for $130.

Georgia Dome Seating Chart

georgia dome
There is a wide variation of price depending on where a fan wants to sit. Those seats at midfield in the lower level are reselling for an average of $241 each, the most expensive in the stadium. The cheapest seats are those in the corners upstairs, which are reselling for an average of $68 each. However, with the price jump from the US victory the cheapest tickets currently for sale cost $101 each.

With the game in the middle of the workweek it will be a predominately local audience in attendance, with 59 percent of those looking for tickets to the game on SeatGeek living in the Atlanta metro area. The second largest metro area looking for tickets is Birmingham, Alabama, which makes up six percent of the searches.

Gold Cup Tickets

With an average resale price of $106, the semifinal matches on Wednesday are currently more expensive than the average resale price for the Falcons-Vikings game ($103) and the Falcons-Buccaneers game ($80). The game is also more expensive than all of the Eastern Conference Semifinal and Quarterfinal games the Hawks hosted this past season.