Last week, I was admittedly in denial about the end of football season, especially after that clunker of a Super Bowl. This week? Screw football – who needs it? Basketball’s way better anyway (ugh, said no one ever). As we all progress through the five stages of grieving, let’s distract ourselves with the top games from last week.

#5. Los Angeles Lakers at Cleveland Cavaliers

Greatest-bang-for-your-bust. That’s the new phrase I’m coining to describe this matchup. See, this game was great because it had a never-before-seen finish, with one player fouling out before being reinstated, and yet this game was a bust considering you were watching two terrible teams with losing records, and you somehow paid about $102.94 to see them in person. Thus, I give you your first (and probably last) greatest-bang-for-your-bust. Ta-da.

#4. New York Knicks at Oklahoma City Thunder

In a matchup of the two most prolific scorers in the NBA, there’s no question Kevin Durant(ula) was leaps and (re)bounds better. While OKC’s defense keyed on Carmelo Anthony, holding him to just 15 points on five of 19 shooting, Durant did whatever he wanted, finishing with 41 points and falling just one rebound short of a triple-double. Anyone surprised by Durant? At this point, you shouldn’t be – Durant seems to either set the scoring mark for the season or throw up 40+ points every night. What is surprising? That before Sunday’s matchup, Anthony was 11-1 against Durant. Guess Durant had something to prove.

#3. San Diego State Aztecs at Boise State Broncos

What’s sweeter than a 14 point rally by your favorite team? The unsung hero of the team draining the winning three-pointer, that’s what. At least, that’s what I’d think if the Aztecs had even registered on the radar before Wednesday’s epic comeback. They’re the fifth ranked team in the country? Well now I know, and after Wednesday’s game, I won’t forget. Props to team superstar Xavier Thames for passing it to the wide-open Dwayne Polee II – it was an unselfish, smart move by the team’s senior point guard. I might as well voice what you already know – this was the clear bang-for-your-buck pick of the week.

#2. Oklahoma City Thunder at Orlando Magic

In a season that’s been mostly forgettable, the Magic finally had a memorable moment. Tobias Harris’ emphatic dunk at the buzzer sent a rare shiver of excitement through the Magic’s home-crowd, as the Magic beat the streaking Thunder, 103-102. Following a rare miss by Kevin “The Slim Reaper” Durant, it went Victor Olapido rebound and pass, Maurice Harkless pass, Harris dunk, game over. Surprisingly, the $93.67 you paid to see this game was definitely worth it.

#1. Miami Heat at Los Angeles Clippers

In a season full of surging teams, there’s still nothing quite as sweet as watching the Heat-machine burn brightly. Winless since 2007 in the Staples Center, the Heat played (and needed to play) their best against the hungry Clippers, winning 116-112, despite Blake Griffin’s 43 points. At an average price of $210.25, this game was worth every penny, but it might be most remembered for the questions it poses for the rest of the season: How good can the Clippers be with Chris Paul back in the lineup?