An exciting week in basketball crescendoed with Jason Collins play in the Nets-Lakers game Sunday night. Don’t like my rankings? As always, leave a comment below.

#5. Brooklyn Nets at Los Angeles Lakers
I don’t care what you say – making history’s a big deal, and that’s exactly what Jason Collins did Sunday night. By logging 10 1/2 minutes Sunday night against the Lakers, Collins became the first openly gay player in America’s four major sports leagues. For those that sat there as he checked in during the second quarter, it must have been quite the experience. In its own right, it was a solid game, the Nets winning 108-102, but Collins participation deservedly took center stage and made history, making this your clear bang-for-your-buck winner of the week at $96.88.

#4. Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors
What do you think Curry enjoyed more: scoring the game tying layup over Dwight Howard in the closing seconds, or halting the streaking Rockets eight game win streak with a 25-point night? A dedicated team player, I’m sure Curry would tell you getting the win. But to himself, privately? It had to be fun scoring over Howard, the former NBA defensive MVP, and putting that clutch gene on display for all to see. The chip Curry carries on his shoulder is big enough to kill most men, but Curry uses it for motivation. With more and more games on his resume like his showing against the Rockets, he’s needing to prove less and less.

#3. Syracuse Orange at Duke Blue Devils
If anyone thought the Orange got caught looking ahead to Duke during their unexpected loss to the BC Eagles, well, they can’t have been looking very closely. The Blue Devils sent the Orange to their second straight loss Saturday, Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim ejected after protesting what ended up being the game changing call. Boeheim called it the worst call of the season, and while that’s an exaggeration, he’s right that it was a bad call. Still, I’d have been ejected for protesting the $1,032.15 (!) ticket price, not the call.

#2. Miami Heat at Oklahoma City Thunder
Revenge is a dish best served cold, so the saying goes. Try as they might, Durant and the Thunder couldn’t do anything to get themselves going, and they weren’t happy about it. Put it this way – the Heat’s Big Three outscored the entire Thunder team. As James drove to the basket with five minutes remaining in the game, Ibaka struck him hard. Though James managed to finish the dunk, blood was already pouring from his nose – a picture of that would nicely encapsulate the Heat’s season if they win it all, with the words Bent But Never Broken underneath, amiright?

#1. Boston College Eagles at Syracuse Orange
On an emotional night for the Eagles – a longtime friend of the team passed away recently – the Orange looked listless. Don’t tell the Eagles about their record, or lack of top tier talent, or disappointing losses this season – they compete with the best of them, and when the Orange failed to show up, failed to take the Eagles seriously, the Eagles took their chance. Wearing “DK” patches for their fallen friend, the Eagles took the game to overtime, and then took care of business, hitting multiple 3-pointers and doing just enough to knock off previously unbeaten Syracuse, 62-59. Bravo.