Unlike last week, baseball just couldn’t crack the Top 5. There was just too much good playoff basketball and hockey to choose from. The NBA saw a record seven games go to OT in Round 1 of the playoffs, and they rightfully take center stage this week.

#5. NBA Playoffs, Game 4 – Houston Rockets at Portland Trail Blazers

Don’t get me wrong, the Clippers and Warriors have had some fantastic games, but so far they’ve been overshadowed by a racist owner and a better series between the Rockets and the Trail Blazers. This game, like seemingly every other in the series, went to OT, where the back and forth continued until Mo Williams provided the final margin of victory with two free throws. Houston and Portland fans, you’re getting you money’s worth this series, and paying just $133.41 on average for the experience.

#4. NHL Playoffs, Game 4 – Boston Bruins at Detroit Red Wings

Down by as many as two goals in hostile Detroit, the Bruins looked beaten. And nobody would’ve blamed them for finding themselves in a hole and failing to find a way to dig themselves out. Instead, they dug deep within themselves and did just that, scoring first on a momentum-changing power play with 10:14 to go in the second period. They then followed with another goal to tie it  and a third goal to close the door in OT. With tickets selling at just $100.28, this is easily your bang-for-your-buck game of the week.

#3. NBA Playoffs, Game 3 – San Antonio Spurs at Dallas Mavericks

Silly Mavericks. They were supposed to go quietly into the night, leaving the dominant Spurs to continue their war path in a quest to get back to the NBA Finals. Instead, pesky Vince Carter did his best Vince Carter impersonation of 13 years ago, draining the game winning three pointer with 1.7 seconds left to play, and the pesky Mavericks grabbed a 2-1 lead in the series. Better watch out, Spurs: these pesky Mavericks came to win.

#2. NHL Playoffs, Game 6 – Anaheim Ducks at Dallas Stars

How often do you get nine goals in a hockey game? Probably about as often as you get a team coming back to win after facing two two-goal deficits. It’s almost like the Anaheim Ducks thought they were the Mighty Ducks. Down first 0-2 and then 2-4, the Ducks tied the game with – wait for it – less than a minute left to play, before going on to win the game in OT. As I watched, I half expected to see the Ducks huddle and start that trademark chant: quack, Quack, QUACK, QUACK! GOOOOO DUCKS!

#1. NBA Playoffs, Game 3 – Houston Rockets at Portland Trail Blazers

With a brief lull in the action, the ESPN commentators introduced rookie Troy Daniels, who had just entered the game. Daniels, they said, had played a total of 75 minutes during the regular season, and was only brought up from the D-League on March 5th. Why’d the Rockets bring him up? Because Daniels had made the most three pointers in the D-League that season. Huh. If this had been a book, you might’ve thought to yourself, “Is that foreshadowing?” Of course, life isn’t a book, and sports don’t often follow a script. Then again, there are those rare occasions, like Friday night in Portland, when an undrafted rookie out of VCU corals a loose ball, and without hesitating, launches a game-winning three-pointer in OT. And the crowd goes wild.