Ugh. The end of football season is normally bad enough, but to end with Sunday’s Super Bowl? Extra sucky. It still made my Top 5 because, well, it’s the Super Bowl, not the Pro Bowl. Let’s be serious – it’s going in the Top 5 no matter what. But man was it underwhelming.

#5. Super Bowl: Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos

A muffed snap and safety on the first play of the game. Four turnovers. Trailing 36-0 for most of the third quarter. Suffice it to say, the Broncos sucked. Sure, the Seahawks played well, suffocating Peyton Manning’s record breaking offense, swarming to the ball, but the Broncos did not play well. They barely showed up. If you’re a Broncos fan, I’m sorry for your loss, especially if you paid $2536.49 to see it in person. No, that’s not a typo. If you’re a Seahawks fan, rejoice: Can anyone name a Super Bowl winner that has looked this ready to dominate the NFL? Seattle’s pretty much unbeatable at home, their Super Bowl winning QB is no where near his ceiling, the defense is arguably the best since the ’85 Bears – listing all their strengths takes a while. A few years ago, the Packers looked poised for similar greatness, but they weren’t even close to as strong this year’s Seahawks team. You know who Seattle looks like? The 2001 New England Patriots.

#4. Los Angelas Clippers at Golden State Warriors

Yeah, the Clippers aren’t the same team away from home – just 14-13 on the road – but I think we all expected a better showing against the Warriors. Two Western Conference teams normally results in a good game, and these two didn’t disappoint last time. This time, the Warriors’ defense showed up and shut the Clippers down. It’s never really a question that Stephen Curry will show up every game – he had his usual 22-4-7 – but when David Lee and Andrew Bogut show up, that’s when the Warriors are dangerous. If Lee and Bogut can lighten the load on Curry’s shoulders, the Warriors will be dangerous in the playoffs.

#3. Washington Wizards at Golden State Warriors

Raise your hand if saw this being a great game. Liar. On paper, this game sucks. But hey, that’s why we love sports! Anything can happen. Okay, okay, I’m not being fair to the Wizards, who’re at 500. But while their team has shown flashes this season – also ending the Thunder’s 10 game win streak a few days after this – I haven’t come to expect consistent excitement from them. Perhaps in an effort to prove doubters wrong, they thrilled in a big way Tuesday night, their guard duo outperforming Curry and Thompson down the stretch.

#2. Oklahoma City Thunder at Miami Heat

Much like the Super Bowl, this game didn’t live up to the hype. Wow, actually, that’s a huge insult to this game – it was still way more exciting than the Super Bowl, and at $208.81, it cost about $2,000 less. Sure, the game was a rout that started in the first quarter, but the LeBron-Durant matchup didn’t disappoint. King James, deservedly called the league’s most complete player and normally one of its best defenders, was powerless against the Durantula, who ended up with the more complete game, finishing 33-7-5 compared to LeBron’s 34-3-3. Was it surprising? Only if you haven’t followed Durant on his 12 game streak of 30 or more points. Without Westbrook to help him, he’s needed to take over games for the Thunder to win, and he’s done exactly that. No question – he’s your MVP.

#1. Arizona Wildcats at California Golden Bears

Kaleb Tarczewski, whose name could give Coach K. a run for his money, was terrific for Arizona, scoring a career high 18 points against the Golden Bears. It just wasn’t enough. With 0.9 seconds left, Cal’s Justin Cobbs hit a step-back jumper and knocked off undefeated Arizona, 60-58. How much attention did this game get? Scale of 1-10, 10 being the Super Bowl, I’d give it a 2. Well, maybe a 1.5. Super Bowl totally deserved it though, right?