I was forced to leave so much off of this week’s list: Peyton’s 509th TD, West Virginia upsetting Baylor and Utah overcoming Oregon State in double OT. But hey, it’s a Top 5, not a Top 8. These are this week’s best.

#5. Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers

Division rivals always have some of the best games of the week. Even though the Chargers were riding a five game win streak and were playing at home, true NFL fans knew better than to discount the Chiefs. The Chiefs, for their part, put together an excellent game plan, masking their wide receiver deficiencies with short passes to Jamaal Charles. After the Chargers tied the game late with a field goal, Alex Smith used the remaining 1:57 to march his team down the field, throwing crisp passes and staying patient. It paid off. With just 21 seconds left on the clock, the Chiefs kicked a field goal, and never looked back. Besides being one of the best games of the week, this was also the clear-cut bang-for-your-buck game of the week, with tickets going for $94.34.

#4. Kansas State Wildcats at Oklahoma Sooners

If Oklahoma kicker Michael Hunnicutt had proved anything coming into Saturday’s game against the Wildcats, it was this: He’s automatic. The Oklahoma kicker for over three years, Hunnicutt could be counted on from almost anywhere on the field. Give him the spot at the 20 yard line, and he’d tee-off. But at the one yard line? He must’ve been salivating. But with the opportunity to win the game in the closing moments for his eleventh ranked team, Hunnicutt missed it. Oklahoma’s all-time leading scorer was not automatic, it turned out, much to the Wildcats’ delight.

#3. Seattle Seahawks at St. Louis Rams

As the Seahawks pointed out early in the season, the defending Super Bowl champion always gets every team’s best shot; good or bad, every team tries just a little harder when they’re playing the best. Call it an excuse if you’d like, but the Rams seemed to use every trick in the (play)book against the Seahawks on Sunday, using one special teams play to score a touchdown, and using another to seal the victory. Despite being the first quarterback to throw for 300 yards and rush for 100, Russell Wilson led a losing effort. Call the Seahawks what you want, but they’re not a bad football team.

#2. Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Florida State Seminoles

Oh, Brian Kelly. He’s just a little biased when discussing fouls. As wobbly as the Seminoles were for much of the game, there was clearly an illegal screen on the Notre Dame touchdown that got called back with just seconds left to play. Kelly might not like it, but it was the right call. Still, the end of game drama made this one of the best games of the week, the $193.95 price tag was well worth it.

#1. New Orleans Saints at Detroit Lions

What exactly is going on with the Saints? They’ve somehow quietly – make that very quietly – fallen to 2-4 on the season. These are the same Saints many pundits picked to make it to the Super Bowl. On Sunday, leading by 13 points with just five minutes left to play, the Saints fell apart, offensively and defensively. The Saints defense, preseason darlings, let the Lions drive down the field quickly for their first score, and a Drew Brees pick ensured the Lions would have a chance to take the lead with more than three minutes left on the clock. They did, and the Saints lost another heartbreaker.