We’ve got a little bit of everything this week – well, except soccer. Man U vs. Man City would’ve made the list most weeks, but competition was fierce this week, and the derby became a foregone conclusion once Man U went down a man.

#5. Washington Team at Minnesota Vikings

RGIII’s return from a dislocated ankle was spoiled by, well, RGIII. Though the quarterback played well for much of the game, he threw an interception that led to a touchdown for the Vikings, and short-armed a throw on fourth down to an open Pierre Garcon. If he hadn’t been so rusty, it’s a game the Washington Team certainly could’ve won. But the real question is, and has been for a while: Even after he shakes off the rust, is fully-healthy and well-practiced RGIII good enough to be the team’s franchise quarterback?

#4. St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers

Um, can somebody tell me what’s going on with the 49ers? In the NFC Championship game last year, they’re now 4-4 and just lost to the Rams, who were 2-5 entering Sunday. This game was supposed to be exciting in the “What trick plays do the Rams have dialed up today?” kinda way, with the assumption that despite those trick plays, the 49ers would win. It wasn’t supposed to be exciting in the “Oh damn, this is actually a close game” kinda way, the two defenses manhandling the offenses. Maybe the 49ers went out with the Giants after their parade and got a little too carried away. That’s my guess. And what do we make of the Rams? Beat one good team – Seattle – and it could be a fluke. Beat two good teams in three weeks…and what?

#3. TCU Horned Frogs at West Virginia Mountaineers

This game had its ugly moments, but overall this was yet another classic between the Frogs and the Mountaineers. Up 27-14 mid way through the third quarter, the Mountaineers had to feel good about their chances of winning. Playing at home with an offense that was clicking, they seemed comfortable. Then again, maybe that was the problem. While the Frogs staged a renaissance on offense, overcoming an uncharacteristically stagnant first half, the defense only allowed the Mountaineers a single first down the rest of the game. That proved to be the difference, as the Frogs’ offense kept getting the ball back, finally kicking the winning field goal with just three seconds left to play.

#2. Auburn Tigers at Ole Miss Rebels

I know I’m probably in the minority here – or maybe I am the minority – but I felt bad for both teams after Saturday’s game. For the Rebels, because they had a chance to win the game on Laquon Treadwell’s touchdown catch, and instead lost Treadwell for the season and (most likely) won’t make the playoffs. And for the Tigers, because even after their win, barring superhuman focus and play over the next few weeks, they’ll lose another game thanks to their schedule, which is the hardest in college football, and will also be knocked out of the playoffs.

#1. San Francisco Giants at Kansas City Royals

The lowest rated World Series in over a decade produced perhaps the best baseball I’ve seen all season. Dominant performances, great games, and two evenly-matched teams. Bumgarner was the clear-cut MVP of the series, but the Royals could’ve very easily won a hypothetical Game 8. That’s what made this series great. Who was going to show up? Who wanted it more? You got the feeling that’s what this series was really about.