No one predicted this week in college football and the NFL. Calling some of these outcomes “head scratchers” doesn’t really do it justice.

#5. New Orleans Saints at Pittsburgh Steelers

Case in point. Can someone please tell me what the Saints are doing winning on the road, in Pittsburgh no less? Before Sunday, the Saints were 1-4 on the road, and the Steelers were 4-1 at home. Just to underline this point, they were also 7-4 in the most competitive division in the NFL. And then they lost to the Saints. Can’t really explain it.

#4. San Diego Chargers at Baltimore Ravens

If you haven’t been following playoff seedings closely, this was a huge game for both teams. Baltimore could’ve locked up a one-game lead in the AFC North and held the tiebreaker against other potential playoff contenders. Instead, the Ravens unraveled, allowing Rivers to throw for almost 400 yards and three touchdowns, including the game-winner with 38 seconds on the clock. Should it have been flagged as a pick play? Yeah, probably. But the Chargers have already had plenty of bad luck this season. Sorry, Ravens fans.

#3. Florida Gators at Florida State Seminoles

Sometimes I wonder if the Seminoles are keeping games close on purpose. Could be, right? Maybe they have some sort of master plan to win 10 games in a row by a total of 10 points. I don’t know. Either way, it makes for great TV. But unlike previous games, the second half wasn’t all Florida State – it was Florida. They played better in the second half, and Jameis Winston and co. were lucky to put a drive together when they needed to most.

#2. New England Patriots at Green Bay Packers

The most hyped NFL game of the week actually ended up being one of the best games of the week, if you knew what to look for. First, I’ve got to mention Rodgers. He, not Brady, is your 2014 MVP, if you’ve been paying attention. He beat New England’s cornerbacks more than his receivers, throwing his target open more often than not. Really can’t say enough about how good he has been this season. On the other side of the ball, Brady looked sharp as well, the difference being that the Packers put pressure on him when they needed to most. Looking ahead to the playoffs though, I have to give the edge to the Patriots. They’re the more complete team; the Packers will only go as far as Rodgers takes them. Sure, he might take them all the way to Tinseltown, but that’s a lot of pressure on one player.

#1. Auburn Tigers at Alabama Crimson Tide

Oh-boy-oh-boy-oh-boy. After the last time they played, I never thought this game would be anything nearly as good. To be clear, it certainly wasn’t a classic on the scale of the 2013 Iron Bowl, but it was still damn good. No, it won’t make Crimson Tide fans forget about last year, but they can be proud about the way their team came back this year. Down 33-21 early in the third quarter, Alabama came roaring back, finishing with five touchdowns in the second half to stomp the Tigers, 55-44.