With all due respect to the NBA, no one cares about you–yet. Right now, America is obsessed with football, both college and professional, and as we get closer to the playoffs, that’s probably not going to change.

#5. Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills

Down 13-3 heading into the fourth quarter, the Chiefs had to be nervous. See, they’re not exactly a shoot from the hip kind of team. Instead, they prefer to control the clock and methodically move the ball down the field. Luckily, they do have one explosive playmaker: Jamaal Charles, who scampered 39 yards for a touchdown, leaving 13:30 still on the clock. But after a quick three and out on the next series, the Chiefs had to punt from their own end zone. Could they afford to wait? But their patience paid off. Buffalo’s return man, Leodis McKelvin, fumbled the punt, and the Chiefs recovered on the Buffalo 26 yard-line. Alex Smith’s run for the game-winning touchdown one play later was just a formality.

#4. Alabama Crimson Tide at LSU Tigers

Playing Alabama, the Tigers become a different team. It doesn’t matter what their record is, or how they’ve been playing that season. Whatever benchmark Alabama sets, LSU steps up to match it. It didn’t matter when Alabama came back down 0-7 to take the lead, 10-7; LSU wasn’t fazed. LSU disrupted Blake Sims rhythm all day, causing the Crimson Tide quarterback to have one of his worst statistical days, completing just 20 of his 45 passes. But it wasn’t enough. Sims completed the passes when they mattered, driving his team down the field in the closing seconds to first tie the game, and then in OT, to win it with a touchdown pass.

#3. Miami Dolphins at Detroit Lions

I wish I had pegged this game to be one of the year’s biggest match-ups before the season started. You know, just to be the only one. Before this season, you can’t honestly say you thought the Lions-Dolphins Week 10 game was going to have serious playoff implications/produce one of the best games of the week. You just can’t. But they did, in a big way, Detroit going up 10-0 before Miami came storming back, taking a 13-10 lead late in the third quarter. Of course, the Lions then tied it with a Matt Prater field goal (yeah, the Lions are actually starting to make those now), before Miami took the lead again, 16-13, with just four minutes left on the clock. Enter Matthew Stafford, recently garnering a reputation as Mr. Clutch. If he was flirting with the title before, he has certainly solidified it now, finding Theo Riddick in the back of the end zone for the 20-16 victory.

#2. Texas A&M Aggies at Auburn Tigers

It had to happen. Auburn’s schedule was too tough to finish the season undefeated. They would’ve needed every bit of luck imaginable, every ball to bounce their way. On Saturday, in the midst of a comeback against the Aggies, two fumbles didn’t bounce their way, and the Tigers couldn’t recover, falling 41-38 to Texas A&M. Trailing by as much as 17 points going into half time, the Tigers played disciplined football for most of the second half, getting within three points of the Aggies, but couldn’t hold onto the ball when they needed to most.

#1. San Fransisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints

Neither of these teams are playing pretty football right now. It doesn’t look effortless. It’s not clean. They don’t dominate. But man do they want to win. Sometimes, that produces the best football games. On Sunday, the Saints and 49ers went back and forth, both teams trading blows and touchdowns before the Saints wrestled back the lead less than two minutes to play. Down three, Kaepernick lofted a 50-yard bomb to Crabtree, who dove to make the catch. It kept the drive alive, leading to the game-tying field goal. Now with just 44 seconds on the clock, Brees led his team just short of mid-field, where he heaved a Hail Mary to Jimmy Graham. At first, it looked like Brees Hail Mary had been answered, or in this case, caught for a touchdown. Instead, Graham was flagged for pushing off, and the 49ers won in overtime.