It’s barely been a week, and I already miss college football. Still, the NBA has had some pretty good games recently, with the Warriors deservedly becoming the talk of the NBA after their 21-2 start.

#5. Atlanta Hawks at Orlando Magic

Entering with a nine game winning streak, the Hawks were getting some recognition of their own. The Magic, meanwhile, had shown flashes of brilliance so far in the season, but they hadn’t been consistent. It was a back and forth game throughout, with 15 lead changes in all. With just seconds on the clock, Tobias Harris rattled in a last second shot that gave the Magic the 100-99 victory.

#4. Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts

JJ Watt can’t catch a break. Despite terrorizing the league throughout 2014, Watt isn’t getting the necessary help from his offense to win the NFL’s MVP, let alone regular season games. Fitzpatrick, who’s serviceable at best at this point in his career, broke his leg early in this game, meaning the Texans had to go to third stringer and rookie QB Tom Savage. Tom, it’s safe to say, was savaged throughout the game, throwing for 127 yards and an interception. On the bright side, he outperformed Johnny Football up in Cleveland, who was also debuting. Of course, everyone and their mother outperformed Johnny Football on Sunday, considering he threw for 80 yards in four quarters of football.

#3. Green Bay Packers at Buffalo Bills

Say what you want about the the Buffalo Bills offense – everyone knows their not great – but you have to respect their defense. In the past two weeks, the Bills defense have harrassed two of the best quarterbacks in the league non-stop, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers, and forced them to have their worst outings of the season. On Sunday, Rodgers threw two interceptions – the first time he’s done that all season – and completed less than 50 percent of his passes. That’s some good defense.

#2. Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions

How does Detroit pull these out? Okay, so this game was a bit of a snoozer, but you have to respect – or maybe even marvel at – the Lions’ knack for winning close games this year. After a stretch of three games that they won by a total of five points earlier in the season, the Lions once again scratched together the points they needed to walk out of Ford Field with a two-point margin of victory. They’ll be tough come playoff time.

#1. Golden State Warriors at New Orleans Pelicans

Quick, name the last team that was this dominant without a true superstar on the team. Did you get it? For my money, it’s 2004’s championship-winning Detroit Pistons. Back then, teams could still win with defense, and that’s just what the Pistons did, putting together some of the best defensive statistics ever that season. In 2014, there are too many rule changes that favor the offense, and so now – unless you’re the Spurs, who manage to somehow still play great defense – you have to outgun opponents. Well, believe me, the Warriors got the message loud and clear. Behind Curry, who’s just below superstar status, this team has won 16 games in a row.