In this week’s top five, baseball makes an appearance. But make no mistake: for once, America’s all about the World Cup.

#5. Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians

The mercurial Tigers haven’t been as good as some predicted before the season, but on Saturday against the Indians, they were good enough. Justin Verlander showed up in a big way, pitching one of his best games during what’s been his first career slump. The MVP though? That’s got to go to two-time AL MVP Miguel Cabrera. His 10th inning double put the feisty Indians away for good. In an abrupt change from playoff basketball and hockey, this was one of the highest priced games of the past week. And it cost $52.83. Gotta love baseball.

#4. Boston Red Sox at Oakland Athletics

Another 10th inning nail-biter, this one was also decided by a familiar face – David Ortiz of the Red Sox. Having gone hitless in the previous nine innings, Ortiz stepped to the plate, saw his pitch, and swung for the fences. Luckily for the Red Sox, his swing carried the ball just far enough. Another striking similarity between this game and the Tigers game? The ticket price – this one cost $52.82. One cent cheaper, but one place higher on my list.

#3. World Cup – United States vs Portugal

There’s too much to say about this game in this limited amount of space. I’ve never been so devastated by a tie in my life. I don’t care that we’re doing better than people expected, and I don’t want to hear that we’ve still got a good chance. I wanted that “W.” Down 1-0 after an early lapse in concentration, we came  roaring back in the second half, scoring first on a beaut from Jermaine Jones – who, if he played for England, would undoubtedly be knighted for that goal – and taking the lead after Clint Demsey chested the ball in. If not for five minutes of stoppage time – 5 MINUTES, unheard of – we would’ve won.

#2. World Cup – Netherlands vs Australia

Australia put up quite a fight against one of the world’s best teams, but there just wasn’t anything to be done against the relentlessness of Robben and Van Persie. When they’re not scoring themselves, they’re creating for other players. It’s not fair, really. Even with a 2-1 lead, Australia didn’t really seem to have any chance of winning. What do you know? The Netherlands stormed back, winning 3-2 and clinching a birth in the Round of 16.

#1. World Cup – United States vs. Ghana

This was the more impressive game by the U.S. In reality, Ghana’s been the best all around team in the much revered “Group of Death.” They played Germany to a draw, but in terms of possession, they really outplayed them. Same with the U.S., except that the U.S. stole victory from the clutches of defeat. John Anthony Brooks, you’re my hero.