This week feel empty to you? That’s because it was: Wednesday, the day after the All-Star game, was one of the deadest days in sports.

#5. Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels

On Sunday, the Angels recorded their MLB-best 30th comeback win of the season. But on Saturday against the Mariners, they fell just short of tying or winning in the 12th inning. No question it was a tough loss, but don’t make the mistake of thinking the Angels can’t win close games. After all, they’d beaten the Mariners in 16 innings just 24 hours before.

#4. Colorado Rockies at Pittsburgh Pirates

Is anyone else really enjoying the Pirates this year? No one expected much from them before the season started, but with a record of 51-46 heading into Saturday’s game against the Rockies they proved everybody wrong. On Saturday, they continued their unlikely season, scoring in the 11th to knock off a dangerous Rockies team.

#3. Cincinatti Reds at New York Yankees

It’s tough to put a regular, run-of-the-mill 9-inning game on here with all these extra inning gems we’ve had this week, but this one deserves its spot at number three. The 25,000 fans who paid the average cost of $72.15 were not disappointed. Both of these teams reek of desperation, and that showed on Sunday. With the Reds threatening to take the lead, the Yankees closed the door with superior pitching and then won the game on a pop fly. At this point, they’ll take wins in all shapes and sizes.

#2. Los Angeles Dodgers at St. Louis Cardinals

Kershaw’s run of eight straight games with one run or fewer allowed came to an end Sunday. Luckily for him, Adrian Gonzalez had his back. Gonzalez stepped to the plate in the ninth and managed an RBI single, this despite superb pitching from the Cardinals all day. Maybe he was fueled by Hanley Ramirez’s injury, which he suffered during a stray pitch.

#1. Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels

Tied 3-3 for most of the game, the Angels then saw the game start to slip away in the seventh as the Mariners scored another two runs. But this team had been down before and comeback–29 times, actually. Sunday they used the same formula, chipping away at the Mariners lead until finally, in the ninth inning, they were able to score two and put the Mariners away for good. That made 30 comebacks on the season, best in MLB.