I know what you’re thinking: It’s the end of July, so everything’s baseball, baseball, baseball. Well, you’re wrong – soccer’s making a reappearance.

#5. New York Red Bulls vs. Arsenal FC

For those of you who watched the World Cup and took the USMNT’s progress as a sign that the MLS is closing the gap with the European Leagues, well, um, I’m sorry to say this week’s results don’t really support that conclusion. MLS teams (mostly) lost in spectacular fashion. Aston Villa beat FC Dallas 2-0, Manchester City beat Kansas City 4-1, and Manchester United whooped LA Galaxy 7-0. Landon who? Yeah, it was pretty bad. But wait! Let’s not forget the Red Bulls in this soccer carnage; they managed to edge Arsenal, 1-0. Bravo. That match also happened to be the most expensive game of the week, coming in at $215.51. Hey, at least Red Bulls fans got to watch a win.

#4. Baltimore Orioles at Seattle Mariners

Now 11-3 in extra-inning games this season, the Orioles are cautiously optimistic. They’re not getting ahead of themselves, but they know they’re battle tested. They can grind it out. On Sunday, they had to do just that yet again, the Mariners pushing them to 10 innings before a bases-loaded sacrifice fly got the Orioles the W. At just $42.06 per ticket, both Orioles and Mariners fans are getting their money’s worth this series;  they’ve already gone to extra innings twice.

#3. Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays

Bad blood. A nine game win-streak on the line. A flashy home run celebration to liven things up. In an era where pitchers throw harder and harder, where scores are lower than ever, these ingredients make for some of the best regular season games in baseball. Ortiz crushed the game winning home run, and strutted after doing so. The Rays criticized him, especially Rays pitcher Chris Archer. Papi’s response? He pretty much said boys shouldn’t speak ill of men. Saucy.

#2. Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees

For nearly two straight years, the Blue Jays stunk it up in the Bronx. 17 losses in a row. On Saturday, it looked like they’d find a way to screw it up again, going up 6-2 in the ninth, but then letting the Yankees back in the game with a two run homer. Would they lose number 18? Despite the unnerving home run, the Blue Jays buckled down and came through. For once, anyway, they were winners in New York.

#1. Detroit Tigers at Los Angeles Angels

In the first game of the series between two of the MLB’s elite, the Tigers and Angels did not disappoint. Max Scherzer was brilliant for much of the day, and fended off LA’s aggressive batters. It was Scherzer’s 12th win of the season, tying him for the league lead in wins. If it wasn’t quite his best, it was damn close, especially against one of the best offenses in baseball. The reigning CY Young winner is in contention yet again this year, and this game against LA certainly helped his chances.