I wouldn’t put NFL preseason games on this list last week, and this week’s no different. Just can’t do it. I mean, besides the fact that the NFL charges regular season prices for preseason football, it’s just bad football. Thankfully, there’s plenty of other action to take its place.

#5. Houston Astros at Boston Red Sox

You know it, I know it – this one’s on here because of David Ortiz. Big Papi hit home runs 400 and 401 in his Red Sox career against the Astros on Saturday, and, just for the hell of it, tied his career high in RBIs. With the home runs, he enters rarified air, joining Hall of Famers Ted Williams and Carl Yastzemski as the only players to hit 400 homers while with the Red Sox. Oh, and the game wasn’t bad either, the Red Sox winning 10-6. If you paid the $69.44, you got your money’s worth.

#4. Liverpool at Southampton

That’s right, the Premier League is back, and it’s taking its rightful place on this list. You wanna try to convince me that preseason football is better than regular season futbol? Go ahead. But I know the truth: Games like this one on Sunday between Liverpool and Southampton kick way more ass. That’s just science. For one, there’s the Suarez angle. The (seemingly always) hungry striker scored a whopping 31 goals for Liverpool last year. Now that he’s gone, how will Liverpool recover? So far, so good, as Sturridge – the Premier League’s second highest scorer last season – can tell you first hand. Liverpool bested Southampton, 2-1, with Sturridge sinking the decisive goal. Without Suarez, Liverpool’s hoping he keeps it up.

#3. Pittsburgh Pirates at Washington Nationals

Eleven innings. Injured hero comes off the bench. Won on their last at bat. Three-game sweep. Yeah, it’s pretty good to be the Nationals right now. It’s also good to be Jayson Werth. The injured right fielder had been out five games with a bad shoulder, but he came in as a pinch-hitter in the ninth inning and promptly doubled. Just minutes later, pinch-hitter Scott Hairston’s sacrifice fly drove in Werth, and the Nationals escaped with a 6-5 win. At just $36.37 a ticket, this is your clear bang-for-your-buck game of the week.

#2. Milwaukee Brewers at Los Angeles Dodgers

If the Pirates-Nationals game was good, this one was great. Pitcher Clayton Kershaw, pretty much unhittable all season, was hittable on Saturday night. First, let’s set the stage. Kershaw has a nearly unheard of 1.86 ERA, he had won his last 11 games, and was 14-3 on the season. To put that win streak in perspective, the man hadn’t lost a game in two and a half months, and over the past 13 games, had an ERA of 1.16. C’mon now, that’s not even fair. Saturday, the Brewers homered on him twice, and ended his win streak, winning 3-2.

#1. Roger Federer vs. David Ferrer

Call Federer whatever you want, but don’t call him finished. The 17 time Grand Slam champion still has more to prove, and his 33 year-old body seems ready to argue. On Sunday, the hapless Ferrer, 0-16 against Federer, saw a glimmer of hope. He took the second set from Federer, and looked poised to capitalize off of Federer’s suddenly shaky play. But that’s the problem: Ferrer’s at the mercy of Federer’s play. Even at his best, Ferrer can’t compete with Federer’s best, and so a victory for Ferrer requires subpar play from Federer. Sunday, Ferrer’s prayers were answered, but only for one set. Federer regrouped, reloaded, and rebounded, taking the match 6-3, 1-6, 6-2.