#5. Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos
The Denver Broncos looked to have this game wrapped up in the closing moments of the first half. But as the NFL knows at this point, where there’s Luck, there’s trouble. Right before half, Luck ran in for a nine-yard touchdown, and the comeback was on. Denver stalled in the second half, scoring only once, and Luck brought the Colts to within seven points, preparing to drive down the field with three minutes left. Would Manning lose to his old team yet again – yet again losing in dramatic fashion? No, thanks to blanket coverage of Reggie Wayne by rookie Bradley Roby, who broke up the fourth down pass to seal the victory. Of course, with football games come football prices: this one was the third most expensive of the week, coming in at $285.16 per ticket.

#4. Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers
Brain Hoyer won’t go quietly to the bench. Instead, he’s standing tall in the pocket and doing his best to help the Browns win. Media, fans, and Johnny Football be damned. Down 24 points, Hoyer led the Browns the the brink of victory, tying up the score in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, Big Ben did his thing, as he tends to do, and drove the stagnant Steelers offense into field goal range, where Suisham hit the game winning field goal.

#3. New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons
When Matt Ryan and Drew Brees go toe-to-toe, it’s almost always a good game. The two players bring out the best in each other. On Sunday, it was Ryan’s turn, breaking the Falcons‘ single-game passing record with 448 yards through the air and adding three touchdowns. In a preseason where everyone talked about the Saints offense, Ryan and the Falcons put on a show of their own.

#2. Buffalo Bills at Chicago Bears
Simply put, the Buffalo Bills were not supposed to win this game. The media knew it, I knew it, my survivor fantasy league knew it – but the Bills players paid no attention. They didn’t care. Instead, the Bills out performed and out competed a more talented Bears roster, beating them at Soldiers field in a thrilling overtime win. When I first saw the $299.90 price tag on tickets, I thought it was way too expensive for any game involving the Bills. Now? I’d have to call it the bang-for-your-buck game of the week.

#1. Kei Nishikori vs. Novak Djokovic
In just about the only fashion that could ever get a tennis match on this list with the return of the NFL, Japanese player Kei Nishikori became the first asian man to make the final of a grand slam, and boy did he do it in dramatic fashion. Coming off of two – count them two – five set matches, Nishikori took down world number one Novak Djokovic in four masterful sets. But instead of Nishikori looking tired after a combined eight and a half hours on court the previous two days, it was fit-as-they-come Djokovic who withered when temperatures neared 100 degrees. That, and Nishikori wanted it more. And he earned it.