This might be the best month in sports. March certainly has a case, thanks to March Madness, the NBA and the NHL. And don’t forget June every four years, when the World Cup, Wimbledon and the NBA and NHL Finals come together for a Super Month. Still, October is special, thanks to major college football match ups, great NFL games and the MLB playoffs.

#5. Arizona State Sun Devils at USC Trojans

Until the last play of the game, no way this matchup makes the list. But boy was that last play special. Sun Devils quarterback Mike Bercovici heaved the Hail Mary, instantly falling to the field as the cramps took over his body, and somehow, Sun Devils wide receiver Jaelen Strong corralled the ball into his arms, staring at it as his teammates mobbed him. The 16th ranked Trojans, leading for so much of the game, were upset yet again. Fans who paid $72.21 for the game got their money’s worth.

#4. Houston Texans at Dallas Cowboys

As much as Tony Romo gets grief for falling apart late in games, he has to feel great about Sunday’s finish against the Texans. After the Texans scored twice in the final three minutes to send the game to OT, you could feel the old Bad Romo narrative starting up again. Talking heads were itching to bring it back into the post-game news cycle. But Romo didn’t play the part, leading the Cowboys down the field in OT for the game winning field goal.

#3. Alabama Crimson Tide at Ole Miss Rebels

Before the game even began, it was tough to think the Rebels had a chance. They just didn’t have a history of contending in big games. Half way through the second quarter, it looked like our reservations about the Rebels – top ranked defense and all – were justified, Alabama leading 14-3. Alabama was swarming the ball on defense, doing their game-managing-best on offense, and Ole Miss looked befuddled. But Alabama couldn’t press the lead, and Ole Miss’ defense dug their feet in. Then, with three minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Rebels broke through and took the lead. And they never gave it back.

#2. Cleveland Browns at Tennessee Titans

Honestly, if you asked me at the start of the season which home team would have to endure the biggest comeback by a road team in NFL history, I’d have said the Oakland Raider. Right? It would’ve been a no-brainer. But the hapless 2014 Titans are blazing a trail of their own, and it’s a pretty ugly one. Up 28-3 in the second quarter, the Titans wouldn’t score another point, going on to lose 29-28. Can you imagine being a Titans fan and paying the $85.76 to watch your team lose in historic fashion? I mean, it’s the bang-for-your-buck game of the week – because history – but yeesh.

#1. San Francisco Giants at Washington Nationals

Speaking of history, how about an 18 inning game for the ages? Try as they might, the Nationals couldn’t outlast the Giants. The Giants Belt, 0-6 up to that point and hurt for much of the season, stepped up and cranked a 94 mph fastball for a home run and the lead. They wouldn’t give it back, winning 2-1 and taking a 2-0 lead in the series.