Try as they might, other sports just couldn’t quite break into the Top 5 this week. The FIBA Finals wasn’t anything to write home about, thanks to a resounding US victory, and even as things get down to the wire in the MLB, the newness of the football season is just too overwhelming.

#5. Seattle Seahawks at San Diego Chargers

The stories out of this game are cliched and idiotic. Richard Sherman did not get “exposed” – as he pointed out on Twitter, they completed three passes against him. Whoopdy do. And this certainly was not David beating Goliath, as some pundits have insisted. Not unless David was only slightly smaller and less powerful than Goliath. The Chargers were a playoff team last year, beating Cincinatti before falling to Denver. They know how to play good football, and they put together an impressive game against an out of sorts Seattle team. That, ho hum as it is, should be the story from this game. Well, that, and the fact that Antonio Gates is still one of the best tight ends in the league.

#4. USC Trojans at Boston College Eagles

Remember when the Trojans the gold standard in the mid 2000s? Of course you do, and so do their poor fans. These days, even routine games aren’t routine for the Trojans, who fell apart in spectacular fashion on the national stage Saturday night, losing 31-37 at Boston College. How bad a loss was it? Well, BC hadn’t beaten a Top 10 team in 25 years, so I’d say pretty damn bad. BC fans, you only paid $91.80 to see a game that you’ll never forget. Lucky you. It’s also – quite easily – the bang-for-your-buck game of the week.

#3. Georgia Bulldogs at South Carolina Gamecocks

With time winding down, the Bulldogs had 1st and goal at the Gamecocks four yard line. Surely, the Gamecocks, the team that had been shredded the week before by Texas A&M, wouldn’t be able to stop the dynamic 6th ranked Bulldogs offense? But they did, closing out Georgia with its defense, in a statement game that will definitely see the Gamecocks move into the Top 20.

#2. New York Jets at Green Bay Packers

The media likes to bring down the Packers by pointing out, over and over, that they’re really a one man team, a team that without Aaron Rodgers, has no hope of making the playoffs. The thing is, they might be right. But as long as the Packers do have that guy A-Rod, they’re going to be pretty freaking good. Take Sunday, for example. Down 18 points to the lowly Jets, Rodgers engineered a comeback maybe only he could’ve, slashing through the Jets Top 10 defense with his feet and with his arm. Knocked down again and again, he got right back up to lead the Packers to victory, stunning the Jets 31-24. So go ahead and doubt Rodgers and the Packers. But as long as number 12 is in the game, you better believe they have a chance to win.

#1. New Orleans Saints at Cleveland Browns

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Saints? Not the Browns, that’s for sure. Touted by many as a Super Bowl contender before the season, the Saints have now lost their last five road games, dating back to last season. But hey, if we’re discussing abysmal streaks, let’s not forget the Browns, who before Sunday had lost their home opener each of the last 10 years. That’s a decade of losing your first home game. As Browns QB Brian Hoyer put it, “I graduated high school” the last time the Browns won a home opener. Yeesh. Browns fans, rejoice: You only paid $110.12 on average to watch your team break a decade long slide. Congrats.