Well, I hope everyone enjoyed this last full week of football, because that was it. College football is over – thankfully, it ended in spectacular fashion – and the NFL just had its last weekend packed full of games. What started with 32 optimistic teams in September is now reduced to a grizzled four. This Sunday, we find out our Super Bowl matchup.

#5. NFC Divisional Game: New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks

Far from your bang-for-your-buck pick of the week, this was the most expensive game of the Divisional round this weekend – average ticket prices at $327.40 – and the least exciting. The Seahawks largely avoided air attacks in this game, preferring to let running back Marshawn Lynch sprint through gaping holes in the Saints run defense. It was the right call, the Seahawks never trailing in the contest and leading by as much as 16 points for much of the game. Drew Brees’ road struggles continue, falling to 1-6 in playoff games, but he shouldn’t feel too bad about this game; the Seahawks are the most dominant team in the NFL right now, and have been for much of the season. Without question, the Super Bowl is theirs for the taking.

#4. AFC Divisional Game: Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots

Luck vs. Brady. Young vs. Old. Well, tough luck for Luck – Brady’s the one with both age and beauty on his side, so excuse him for moving on. To be fair though, as well as Brady has played at times this season, he didn’t have to do jack squat in this game – Blount sorta took care of everything with 4 TDs and roughly a million yards. Brady’s numbers? 13/25 for 198 yards. Somehow, fans seemed to know this wasn’t going to be a nail-biter, and tickets sold for an average of just $206.41. Now, the AFC Divisional Game isn’t, say, the F*cking Catalina Wine Mixer, but it’s still a pretty big deal. Here’s a guess: the Pats next game will sell tickets for slightly more.

#3. AFC Divisional Game: San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos

Oh look, another Peyton Manning game selling tickets for over $300 on average. Shocker. Luckily, as with most games with Manning this season, this game did not disappoint. The Broncos held the lead for much of the game, sure, but as if on cue, Phillip Rivers and the Chargers turned it on in the fourth quarter, scoring two touchdowns and kicking a field goal to bring it within seven. Oh boy oh boy oh boy, was it exciting. As with many games in this bizarre NFL season, the last 15 minutes of the game contained enough excitement for an entire game. Fortunately for the Broncos and unfortunately for the Chargers, Manning completed a backbreaking 17 yard pass to Julius Thomas on third and 17, and the Broncos ran out the clock.

#2. NFC Divisional Game: San Francisco 49ers at Carolina Panthers

Did this game remind anyone else of the Ravens-Steelers games of yore? Cuz, to me, it screamed big time rivalry. Then again, the playoffs can do that to teams, do that to match-ups that would normally not bring out the best in both teams. The final score might not have been that close, but the game sure felt that way. And then there was Colin Kaepernick, always there to add a little drama all by himself, who mocked Cam Newton’s TD celebration during his TD celebration. Did he think that was a good idea? Did he maybe think he was in San Francisco? Not sure. He cray though.

#1. BCS National Championship Game: Florida State Seminoles vs. Auburn Tigers:

“Hey honey, feel like dropping a thousand big ones on the BCS National Championship?” “Sure, sounds fun!” said no one ever. Except that people actually did spend that kind of dough for last week’s game – the average ticket cost was $1005.05. Yeesh. The silver lining? It was a KICK ASS game. Auburn pulled out to the early lead, going ahead 21-3, and then Florida State stormed back in the second half, before each side exchanged TDs in the fourth quarter. So much awesomeness. BCS, you sucked, but thank you for one final, fantastic Rose Bowl game.