This week, it’s the World Series games and then everything else. Surprised? Let SeatGeek help you geek out.

#5. New Jersey Devils at Boston Bruins

With an exciting finish and cheaper price tag than all but four NFL games and a half grand cheaper than World Series tickets, this is the clear bang-for-your-buck pick of the week. At an average price of $117.95, it was also the second-highest selling NHL game on SeatGeek. The Bruins seemed to control the game from the start, quickly building a 3-1 lead that they could likely ride out, extending their seven game win streak against the Devils to eight. After all, hockey games aren’t known to be high-scoring affairs. A 3-1 lead held by last year’s Stanley Cup runner-up seemed pretty safe. Sure, the Devils scored in the second period to make it 3-2, but Boston was still controlling the puck. You know what comes next: The Devils scored twice within 30 seconds, taking advantage of power plays and taking the lead 4-3 with 45 seconds left in the game. If you were a Devils fan, it was pure ecstasy. If you were a Bruins fan…it was time to turn it to the Sox game.

#4. St. Louis Cardinals at Boston Red Sox – Game 2

After Game 1, ESPN threw out the stat that the winner of Game 1 went on to win 14 of the last 16 World Series. Well then! I think everyone agreed that we should’ve just anointed the Sox champs then and there and called it a day. But then the Cardinals came into Fenway and, as they have all season, just wouldn’t go away. Even with Carlos Beltran hurt. Even when David Ortiz, a 250 pound Cardinals’ headache, hit a two run homer to put the Sox up 2-1 in the 6th inning. Jerks. I guess no one told the Cardinals that, like, after Boston won Game 1, they pretty much had the World Series in the bag; St. Louis beat Boston 4-2. With the series tied 1-1, a Boston parade no longer felt like such a certainty. Sorry, anonymous stats guy. And sorry, Boston fans who paid an average price of $806.90 to see your team go up 2-0 (bites knuckle in sympathy).

#3. Dallas Cowboys at Detroit Lions

See, I have this theory. Every year, there’s a sexy team that people can’t help but watch. Two years ago, it was Cam Newton and his feisty Carolina Panthers. Last year, it was RGIII and his dynamic Washington Redskins. This year, it’s Matthew Stafford and his mercurial Detroit Lions. They win games they should lose, and lose games they should win. Ndamukong Suh, their infamous Defensive Tackle, was voted the most hated player in the NFL last year. Reggie Bush, Detroit’s multi-talented running back, even dated Kim Kardashian for a while and yet people still call him sexy. Go figure. Calvin Johnson, a 6-5 receiver with 4.3 speed, is often called the best receiver in the NFL, and on Sunday recorded 329 yards receiving and one TD. Three hundred and twenty nine yards. Those aren’t Stafford’s passing numbers, those are Johnson’s receiving numbers. Anyways. The Cowboys went up six points with a little over a minute left, and then Stafford led an improbable drive down the field and jumped across the line, when he was supposed to spike the ball. Touchdown, game over. NBD. Just another day in the life for the NFL’s sexiest team.

#2. Boston Red Sox at St. Louis Cardinals – Game 4

This game ranks one notch lower than Game 3 on the Drama-O-Meter, but it’s close. The stage was set. Two outs, bottom of the ninth. Carlos (frickin’) Beltran was at the plate, the Cardinals star who’s been a stud so far in the postseason. Facing him on the pitcher’s mound, Boston closer Koji Uehara looked a little sweaty. Let’s just say if there was ice in his veins, he could’ve used some colder ice. Beltran glared, Uehara fidgeted. Then, out of no where, Uehara pivots on his left foot and slings a side-arm to first base, where Napoli tagged out Wong to end the game. Um, WHAT?! Everyone had a look of disbelief on their face, both winners and losers, but Beltran’s was the best. He stood at the plate for an extra ten seconds or so, as if to double-check that he really wasn’t going to get an at bat and the game really was over.

#1. Boston Red Sox at St. Louis Cardinals – Game 3

Bum! Bum! Bum! So much drama at the end of this game. Was it obstruction? Was Middlebrooks wronged? Was Uehara’s translator able to keep up? We’ll never know for sure, but debating classics is part of the fun. And this was most certainly a classic. Great pitching. Better hitting. A tied score late in the game. And a controversial call to spice things up. No, it’s not the call you want the game to end on, but put it this way: Will you ever forget that game? I certainly won’t. And neither will the 8,000+ fans who bought tickets on SeatGeek.