Well, it’s the last week baseball will be on here until the spring, but luckily we’ve got the NFL and NHL to keep us company in the meantime. And boy-oh-boy were there some good games, especially in the NFL.

#5. Cincinnati Bengals at Miami Dolphins

OK, so I’m not proud to be picking the Bengals again for the bang-for-your-buck pick of the week. This isn’t something I enjoy doing. But they’ve earned it. At an average ticket price of just $77.76, fans got to see the best Thursday night game of the season with one of the weirdest endings in NFL history. The Dolphins jumped to a 17-3 lead at one point in the third quarter, but Cincinnati stormed back to go up 20-17 with less than two minutes left in the game. Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill had been hot and cold for most of the evening, but managed to turn it on when his team needed him most, driving down the field and allowing kicker Caleb Sturgis to even-up the game. Then, what was already an exciting game took a turn for the weird.  With 6:38 left in overtime, Bengals quarterback took the snap, scanning his receivers for separation, but failed to see defensive end Cameron Wake. Sack in the end zone, safety, game over. Whoa. That’s right: for just the third time in NFL historya safety ended an OT game.

#4. Boston Bruins at Pittsburgh Penguins

A rematch of the Eastern Conference Finals, this game meant a little more than your average regular season game, and it showed. The first period offered nothing in the way of scoring, but plenty in the way of hitting. The standoff continued until midway through the second quarter, when Chris Kunitz scored on an assist from Sidney Crosby to put the Penguins up 1-0. Boston tied it, Pittsburgh netted another two, and then Boston used the final three minutes of the game to attack over and over, determined to even things up. In the end, they fell just short, scoring only one more time and falling to the Penguins 2-3. Still, with three goals scored in the final ten minutes of play in a playoff-type atmosphere, fans got their money’s worth with an average ticket price of just $111.49, over 100 bucks cheaper than the Leafs-Canucks game.

#3. San Diego Chargers at Washington Redskins

If Danny Woodhead had reached the pylon with the ball, this game wouldn’t make the Top 5. Afterall, the Chargers would’ve gone up 27-24 with just 21 seconds left on the clock. Now, the Chargers defense is nothing special, but I’d take the 2013 Jaguars over the 1985 Bears before I’d bet on this year’s Redskins offense moving down the field in 21 seconds. They’re not built to move in large chunks. So anyway, if Woodhead switches the ball to his left hand and reaches out just a couple more inches, this game doesn’t make the Top 5. But he didn’t, so it does. At the one yard line with 21 seconds left, the Chargers offense stalled, or the Redskins defense held, or however you want to look at it. Either way, the Chargers were literally inches away from victory, and instead had to watch the Redskins offense chug down the field in OT, bit by bit, to put the game away 30-24. How ’bout them apples?

#2. Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans

First they were up 21-3 at halftime. Then 24-6 midway through the third quarter. For the Texans, the first two and a half quarters were the Keenum-Johnson show, as the duo connected for three touchdowns of 62, 41, and 5 yards. Sidenote: Is Case (frickin’) Keenum this year’s Colin Kaepernick?? Cuz whoa. Anyway, of course then Luck turned on the ice-pump in his heart and proceeded to lead three touchdown drives in a row, turning a 6-24 deficit into a 27-24 lead in about 12 minutes. Security blanky Reggie Wayne done for the year? NBD, says Luck. I got this.

#1. St. Louis Cardinals at Boston Red Sox – Game 6

It wasn’t the best game of the week in its own right, but history’s a factor here. The Red Sox hadn’t won the World Series in Boston since 1918 – almost a century ago. That made the prospect of the Sox winning in Game 6 exciting. But here’s what made me doubt them, for one more day anyway: Michael Wacha. He’d been virtually untouchable this postseason, and he was facing John Lackey, whose bizarre one inning showing in Game 5 was less than stellar. That, and the other game he’d pitched against the Cardinals resulted in a 2-4 loss. But Boston wasn’t intimidated – or maybe Wacha was – and shelled the phenom to go up 3-0 before he was pulled in the third inning. After that, the Cardinals never really put up a fight. Make no mistake though, Boston earned this World Series. They went up against the best the Cardinals had to offer and took him down. Oh, and speaking of earning things, riddle me this: What do you have to earn to go to the World Series? Because Game 6 cost an average of $1,174.73. Yes, you read that right. That’s not for all the tickets in Fenway; it’s for one ticket.