In the first edition of SeatGeek’s new weekly column, we wrestle with MLB playoffs and epic NFL match-ups to decide on our most in-demand games of the week. From large Texan flops to a Broncos vs Cowboys showdown, last week was an exciting one for sports fans all over.

#5. Houston Texans at San Francisco 49ers

Poor Houston Texans fans. You paid an average of $139.48 to see your team get embarrassed 34-3 in front of a national audience. That, and your starting quarterback was benched after tossing three interceptions, meaning there’s little hope for the future. Here’s hoping no Texans fans live in San Francisco, since the 12,548 tickets sold made this the second highest selling NFL game of the week. Yikes.

#4. Seattle Seahawks at Indianapolis Colts

This game was the bang-for-your-buck of the week. For an average price of $117.55, fans got to see two of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL shoot it out, Andrew Luck, and the Colts toppling Russell Wilson’s previously undefeated Seahawks, 34-28. One thing’s for sure: If these two teams keep playing at this level, average ticket prices won’t be $117.55 for long.

#3. NLDS: Atlanta Braves at Los Angeles Dodgers, Game 3

With 15,284 tickets sold, this was SeatGeek’s highest selling MLB game of the week. After the Braves tied the series 1-1 in Atlanta, Game 3 took them back to Los Angeles, where the Dodgers thumped the Braves 13-6. Take solace in this, Braves fans: The Dodgers hadn’t scored that many runs in a postseason game since 1956. Oh wait, that’s not comforting.

#2. Denver Broncos at Dallas Cowboys

Here’s a question: Who doesn’t enjoy watching a combined 920 yards passing and 99 points scored? Peyton Manning and Tony Romo put on a show that SeatGeek users must have foreseen, because this game had the most tickets sold of any game, NFL or MLB, by a margin of almost 2,000 seats. Expect Broncos tickets to keep selling as long at Peyton Manning is their quarterback. If he’s not the most exciting player in the NFL, he’s certainly the most consistently entertaining.

#1. NL Wild Card Game: Cincinnati Reds at Pittsburgh Pirates

Does this need an explanation? The Pirates hadn’t made the MLB playoffs since 1992. The current year is 2013. To put that in perspective, I have friends old enough to drink who weren’t alive the last time their team was in the postseason. I can’t even imagine. This wouldn’t have been number one if the Pirates don’t win, but because they did I’ve got to give it to them. Oh, and with an average ticket price of $160.38 and the third highest ticket sales in the MLB last week, it was one of the most in-demand games, too.

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