We’re about a third of the way into the 2017 baseball season and a month out from the All-Star break. This year has been full of surprises and amazing play, but there are a handful of players head and shoulders above the rest. Find out who they are in our list below!

Charlie Blackmon – Colorado Rockies

The Colorado Rockies rarely see themselves atop the standings, yet in 2017 they find themselves looking down from above in the NL West. This is thanks in no small part to centerfielder Charlie Blackmon, or Chuck Nasty to his fans. With a league-leading 88 hits and a tied-for-second-best 53 RBIs, he has taken his duty of moving the runners seriously. And lest you think his job is only putting the wood down, his fielding is on point too. Only one outfielder has participated in more double plays this season, and his unique combination of both speed and brains makes Chuck Nasty easily the best centerfielder in the majors right now.

Max Scherzer – Washington Nationals

Quick question: Who’s the best pitcher in the MLB right now? OK sure, it’s Houston’s Dallas Keuchel. But dude is on the DL now, which means whoever is second best takes over. Max Scherzer is, without a doubt, an easy call here. With a 7-3 record, he sits in the top five of every pitching category that matters and has helped lead the Nats to a tremendous 10.5 game lead over the rest of their division. His 2.35 ERA is fifth best in the league, and his 114 strikeouts are topped only by Boston’s Chris Sale (more on him later). Oh, and he’s kinda crazy too, often growling and muttering intense strings of profanity while on the job which is always fun to watch.

Aaron Judge – New York Yankees

Aaron Judge is a big boy. At 6 feet 7 inches and over 280 pounds, you don’t want to get in the way of this rookie if he’s coming full steam. But Judge doesn’t just rely on you moving out of his way before he rounds the bases, he makes sure you won’t have a chance to try. He leads the league with 19 home runs, and his 50 runs make for third best in the league. Making his debut in glorious fashion, Judge was AL Rookie of the Month in both April and May–and June ain’t looking too shabby either. If you don’t believe us, ask the Yankees faithful. They’ve already renamed the right field stands to “The Judge’s Chamber” and don glorious wigs and robes while wielding gavels to support the kid. We’re told Yankees fans know a little something about America’s pastime, so they might be onto something.

Chris Sale – Boston Red Sox

Remember before when we said it was a no-brainer who was the second-best pitcher in the league? Well, we lied and it turns out there’s another. Chris Sale is legit, and his league-leading 126 strikeouts prove it. Need more? OK, his 2.97 ERA is among the best in the league, his WHIP is a fantastic .96, and he struck out 10 or more batters in eight straight games–tying a record held jointly by Pedro Martinez and The Condor. Oh, did we mention Sale’s nickname is The Condor? So yeah, dude started the season by matching his own MLB record. He’s also only pitched into six home runs, tied for the lowest among pitchers with seven wins or more. Keep an eye on The Condor, he’s looking to put the Sox back on top in the AL East.

Ryan Zimmerman – Washington Nationals

No list of players can be complete without a first baseman in the mix, and the top dog in this category is easily Ryan Zimmerman. Yes, we know we already included a Nat on this list, but the fact is they have some darn good play happening at Nationals Park–including the longest run ever hit there, 470 feet, by Zim himself (Zimself?). His .365 batting average tops the league, his 77 hits tie him for fourth, and he sits in a third place tie for homers with 17. His on-base percentage is .409 through 211 at bats, and his 49 RBIs have him just behind Chuck Nasty in fourth place. He’s basically at or near the top in just about every offensive category, so when he steps up to the plate get ready for a show.