The past few weeks have been rough for a lot of sports fans since the NFL season ended, but baseball season is right around the corner.  The first MLB Spring Training games of the 2011 season start this weekend and the regular season just about a month away.  Spring Training tickets are surprisingly expensive this year and the top games are bringing in ticket prices on par with the average ticket prices of the top teams during the 2010 MLB Season.

Interesting Stats About the Top 20 Spring Training Games

  • The most expensive spring training game this season is Dodger-Giants on March 18th averaging $85.60 per ticket
  • 13 of the top 20 games feature the Boston Red Sox
  • Every game features the Boston Red Sox, the New York Yankees, or the San Francisco Giants
  • 18 of the 30 MLB teams will play in one of the top 20 spring training games this season.  Of these 18 teams, 11 are in the AL and 7 are in the NL
  • Only 3 of the games will be played in Arizona and the remaining 17 will be played in Florida

Top MLB Spring Training Games 2011

03/18/11 – Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants
03/20/11 – New York Yankees at Philadelphia Phillies
03/14/11 – New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox
03/08/11 – New York Yankees at Atlanta Braves
03/20/11 – St Louis Cardinals at Boston Red Sox
03/17/11 – New York Mets at Boston Red Sox
03/19/11 – Kansas City Royals at San Francisco Giants
03/16/11 – Boston Red Sox at Atlanta Braves
03/22/11 – New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles
03/22/11 – Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox
03/26/11 – Minnesota Twins at Boston Red Sox
03/04/11 – Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees
03/18/11 – Detroit Tigers at Boston Red Sox (SS)
03/12/11 – Florida Marlins at Boston Red Sox
03/07/11 – Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox
03/27/11 – New York Yankees at Minnesota Twins
03/13/11 – San Francisco Giants at Texas Rangers
03/24/11 – Boston Red Sox at Florida Marlins
03/25/11 – Toronto Blue Jays at Boston Red Sox
03/12/11 – New York Yankees at Washington Nationals
03/08/11 – Boston Red Sox at St Louis Cardinals