Halfway through the NFL season, it is a good time to look at the top-priced games of the NFL season past and present. What teams are repeats on the list? Are night games really more expensive? We’ll see what has gone on in the 2010 season, looking at the first half.

  • The Saints are still on that Super Bowl high. The top two games (and the only games to crack the $300 mark) are both Saints home games, one their final coronation of their 2009 season with the unveiling of the championship banner and then the game against the Vikings. The other was their Halloween showdown against the 2008 Champion Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • The Bears and Patriots are the only other teams to host two of the top-16 priced games of the first half. What is more impressive is that both Patriots games were day games.
  • Night games seem to matter quite a bit. The top-4 games are all night games and 7 of the 16 were primetime ones, and when you consider that there have been only two primetime games a week, that is more than you would expect. The only outside factor is that a lot of the primetime games on the list probably would have been really high priced even if they were during the day.
  • Brett Favre can still be a great draw. His home games will never crack the $200 barrier, since Vikings home games just aren’t that expensive, but three Vikings road games make the list, making them the team that had the most appearances as a road team.

Now let’s look at the second half of the season. These numbers can easily change by the time the game comes around (as we have seen, prices tend to rise as the game draws nearer), but they do give a good indication of what the prices will be for these games.

  • There is a surprising game at the top. Cowboys @ Giants is a big game, but it becomes less big when the Cowboys are 1-7 and missing Tony Romo. The lead is not huge, and there is probably a good chance it gets passed, since the Cowboys @ Giants game is this weekend, while all but one of the games come later on.
  • Colts vs Pats. The rivalry that defined the decade is still high-priced. This iteration of the game will have the most combined losses of any Manning vs Brady game (even if the Pats win on Sunday), and it still commands a sky high price.
  • The Giants, profiled as a surprise in the last post, are the team with the most home games on the list, with three games, all against their NFC East opponents. The NFC East as a whole has five games on the list.
  • The Cowboys are still a great road draw, supposedly. The Cowboys have the most appearances as a road team on the list with three. The Cowboys @ Cardinals game may seem weird, but it is a primetime game on Christmas Day, which probably bumps up the price.

The actual leaderboard of the second half may change by the end of the year, but it looks like the NFC East is still beasting ticket prices, and that many people are waiting to watch this Cowboys’ mess firsthand.

Thoughts? Comments? Surprised about the top games? Leave us a comment or tweet us (@SeatGeek). ‘Till Next Time.