We’re about a third of the way into the 2010 NFL season now and ticket prices on the secondary market continue to surprise us. Here are the average prices for this weekend’s match ups:

  • Fans are paying a whopping $292.44/ticket to see the Vikings at Packers game this Sunday. The Vikings team has been drawing quite a crowd, but this is still surprising considering the Vikings stand at 2-3 right now and the Packers are just even at 3-3.
  • Two other match ups are commanding more than $200/ticket on the resale market: Giants at Cowboys and Redskins at Bears. The first is selling at an unsurprising $242.93/ticket, as both the Giants and Cowboys are big market teams. The latter match up comes in third at $210/82 – the Bears have been atop the ticket price leaderboard pretty consistently all season.
  • Three teams have ticket prices under $100 this weekend. Jaguars at Chiefs are selling for $99.71/ticket, Bengals at Falcons for $91.38/ticket and Rams at Buccaneers for $90.94/ticket.

That’s it for this week. Check in with us again next week for our weekly NFL ticket price leaderboard and top match ups analyses!