After next Monday, each team in the league will have played at least 8 games, and the real season will start. As the weather grows colder, the games grow more important, as wild cards and division titles are up for grabs. Here are the average ticket prices for Week 9, the true midpoint of the NFL season.

  • For whatever reason, this week seems to have the most tightly packed set of games, as well as the least top-heavy. The Cowboys @ Packers game tops the list, and is the lowest priciest game yet. However without Romo playing, it is surprising to see this game still command such high prices.
  • Most of the generally high teams on the leaderboard are on the road this weekend (both New York teams, New England, New Orleans), so that might be another reason why prices are more low and compact.
  • There are some odd teams near the top, like the Bengals, who are hosting the Steelers, checking in at 4th, with an average price of $161.
  • The weirdest might seem to be the 0-7 Bills hosting the 4-3 Bears at 6th, at $145, but this is Buffalo’s yearly Toronto game, which will probably command a much higher ticket price than their games in Buffalo. The Toronto game is really like Buffalo’s version of a prime time game.
  • Two NFC-South teams, both at 5-2, fighting for the top spot in the division. That is the recipe of a huge game, isn’t it? In fact, in this case, it is not. The Buccaneers @ Falcons game is second to last, with an average price just under $90. That is amazingly low considering the teams participating and the importance of the game.

Week 9 should be good, with some good games and weaker teams at home, which makes for more competitive games. Enjoy another Sunday of football. ‘Till Next Time. (Check in with us on twitter – @SeatGeek, or on Facebook).