Trip Tate is the Director of Web Products for Topps and one of the driving forces behind their new amazing baseball driven iPhone apps, Topps Pennant and BUNT. We here at SeatGeek are obsessed with the apps’ user experience and interface and have partnered with Topps to get the word out on these innovative products.

Hi savvy ticket scouts!

We’re from the digital team at Topps. You’ll find us buried under mountains of cards, hacking away at new ways for fans like yourselves to connect with your favorite players and teams, outside of the realm of cardboard. We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with SeatGeek in support of both of our efforts to create great experiences for the biggest sports fans out there (those being the ones that actually go to games!).

When SeatGeek and Topps first started talking, we realized how aligned we are and what an opportunity we have together. We both want to make it easier and more fun to be a fan, it’s as simple as that. With SeatGeek it’s easier to go to your favorite team’s games, get the best prices on the best seats, receive alerts about great deals, and more. We (Topps) also want to make the experience of being a fan more fun and accessible, and we’ve released two brand new digital products this summer for iPhone and iPad to help do that.

Topps Pennant LogoWith Topps Pennant (click the link on this page to learn more) we’re asking fans starting today to share their favorite memories of their favorite teams. Baseball history is a rich timeline of great moments. Big ones, like the game-winning, walk-off home run, and small ones, like the first play of the first game your father took you to when you were six. Share your favorites using the Topps Pennant app to create a Time Capsule of the greatest baseball memories for all 30 teams. Doing so will enter you to win awesome prizes, like autographed baseballs and photographs of your favorite classic players.

Topps BUNT LogoAlso, fresh off the presses today, we’ve just launched Topps BUNT for iPhone! Topps BUNT is our casual social game for baseball fans, and we’ve been hard at work making that experience better for fans of the game that don’t want to spend so much time maintaining their fantasy team, so give it a try. Get it at

We’re excited to kick off this partnership with SeatGeek, and hope you enjoy the apps. Please check them out, let us know what you think, and give us a shout if you’ve got ideas. We’re easy to find:
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