Despite the addition of Mike Babcock behind the bench, many pundits expect the Toronto Maple Leafs to struggle this season. Because of that ticket prices have fallen by 23 percent on the secondary market.

The current overall average resale price for a Leafs ticket this year is $194, down 23 percent from the $252 average on this day a year ago. Last season the Leafs had the most expensive tickets in the NHL at this point, but the drop in price now has Toronto behind the Blackhawks this season.

Toronto Maple Leafs Tickets

For the second season in a row the Maple Leafs will open the season against the Canadiens, and just like the overall trend, tickets for this year’s opener are also cheaper than a season ago. Currently the average resale price of a ticket to this year’s opener is $287, a 20 percent drop from last year, when the average resale price for the opener against the Canadiens was $358.

Fans will pay the most for this upcoming season to sit in the lower level near center ice, where the average resale price is $348 per ticket. Fans can save a significant amount of money if they are willing to sit upstairs, where the average resale price of a ticket is $154 along the sides of the ice, and $153 behind the goal.

If fans want to save money they should wait until a less marquee opponent comes to town, when tickets can be snagged for less than $100 each. Some of the early season match-ups with tickets below $100 each include games against the Coyotes and Stars. Click here to see a full listing of available tickets.