There is one major pro that will come from the blizzard that hit the Northeastern region this past weekend, a Tuesday night NFL game.  The NFL decided to move the Vikings-Eagles game from Sunday night to Tuesday night because they felt that it would be impossible to have the fans get to and from the game safely during the blizzard.  An NFL game played on a Tuesday is an incredibly rare event and the last time there was an NFL game played on a Tuesday was in 1946 when the New York Giants took on the now defunct Boston Yanks.   This is also the second time that the Minnesota Vikings have had a game postponed due to snow this season and the funny thing is this time around the Metrodome’s faulty roof has nothing to do with the postponement.

Serious as they are, Philadelphia Eagles fans were upset about the decision, obviously football comes first and foremost to safety.

The Eagles own DeSean Jackson, who last week ran an amazing 72 yard touchdown win against the Giants shared his disagreement on Twitter:

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