The most anticipated fight of the year to date will take place at UFC 229, with none other than Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov taking on former Lightweight and Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor.

Khabib currently boasts the longest winning streak in MMA history–26 straight–which makes him easy to root for, doubly so since he is going against the notorious Notorious. Meanwhile, Mystic Mac is hoping to get some revenge on Khabib for the infamous UFC 223 incident in which he went on a rampage, throwing furniture, smashing up Khabib’s bus with a dolly, and injuring a couple of people. He was arrested and ordered to community service, but you can be damn sure he wants to use some of his aggression and frustration on the Eagle next month.

Where and When is UFC 229 Happening?

The fight will be taking place on October 6 in Las Vegas, at none other than the two-year-old T-Mobile Arena. The state-of-the-art facility seats 20,000 spectators and is situated right on the Strip, so if you’re planning on going you’ll have a hard time staying out of trouble. But just, you know, don’t go all McGregor on a tour bus–stick to the normal Vegas sinning.

What to Expect at UFC 229

It’s no secret that there is some serious bad blood between Mystic Mac and The Eagle, and it’s also no secret that McGregor has something of a reputation of being an aggressive fighter in general. He will try to keep the fight upright, using his speed and nasty southpaw to beat the living pulp out of Khabib.

For his part, Khabib is a beast known for having exceptional power for a man of his size. Combined with his speed and history of learning how to fight on the streets, he is one of the most versatile fighters of all time, hence his incredible 26-match winning streak. The first Russian and first Muslim champion in the sport, he has also won in three Sambo circuits, the NAGA, the International Pankration Federation,and the Russian Union of Martial Arts.

UFC 299 Predictions: Who Will Win?

While it’s difficult to pick against McGregor and his 21-3 record, our money is on Khabib. The dude is just unstoppable right now and he is disciplined enough to not let McGregor get in his head–especially now that he has had a few months to think it over following the bus incident. Still, you can bet he’s itching for a fight, and if he loses control McGregor may be able to take advantage and sneak a victory.

Where to Watch UFC 229

If you are anywhere near southern Nevada, you need to go to this fight. Make it a priority, join a kickball team and go to Wakapalooza to get there, or even hitch-hike if you have to. This could be a barn burner, and you will want to be there for the fireworks. Tickets are still available, but they won’t be for long for this anticipated duel. If you somehow fail to heed this advice, it will be televised as usual on Pay-Per-View. But you should really just go this one, you guys. Check out tickets below or comparison shop here.

(Cropped image courtesy of Prayitno via Flickr. | CC BY 2.0)