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The holidays are upon us, and what better way to celebrate than to watch grown men and women beat the stuffing out of each other? No, we don’t mean fighting your cousin over politics out in front of grandma’s house, we mean tuning into UFC 232 on December 29 at the T-Mobile Arena.

The title bout will feature a rematch more than five years in the making between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson, with the winner taking the Light Heavyweight Championship. There is no current champ because it was vacated from Daniel Cormier after he decided to focus on his UFC Heavyweight Championship instead.

When & Where is UFC 232?

On December 29, the UFC will return to T-Mobile Arena for the fourth and final time this year, making it the venue they’ve frequented most often in 2018. There’s a reason it’s so popular: besides the obvious tourist trappings and gambling, the arena itself is a fantastic place to watch live events. Located on the Strip right by The Park, you can catch the action with 19,999 of your closest friends.

Where to Buy UFC 232 Tickets

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UFC 232 Fight Background

Jon Jones is well known for being the youngest champion in UFC history, having won his first title at the tender age of 23. Said title just happens to be the same one he is vying for this month: the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. With a record of 22-1-1, Jones is a contender whose only limitation has been his own inability to stay out of trouble outside of the Octagon. Hoping for a comeback at age 31, his skills aren’t in doubt, only his brains are.

On the other side is Alexander Gustafsson, with an 18-4 record he has also had his fair share of successes. However, his career was hampered by a nasty knee injury in 2015. In fact, the injury blocked him from having a rematch with the very same Jones he is facing now, having lost to him in 2013 for the championship. But the loss was a moral victory for Gustafsson, as he came in as a heavy underdog only to give Jones the fight of his life, becoming the first to even take him down and giving him a gnarly cut on his face. The fight went to decision, with Jones keeping his belt, and the rematch never came to be. You can bet that Gustafsson is hungry to prove himself once more.

UFC 232 Fight Predictions

Jones is clearly the more skilled fighter as a whole, but years of controversy and bad press make it hard to root for the guy. Still, Gustafsson makes for a great challenger, and his methodical ability to pick apart just about any opponent gives him an opportunity to once again prove that the underdog is worth betting on. Our money is on Jones, but it’s a tough call.

(Cropped image courtesy of Prayitno via Flickr. | CC BY 2.0)