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Rumors surfaced last night, and it did not take long for them pan out — Randy Moss is officially a Minnesota Viking again (unfortunately he doesn’t have Chris Carter with him as he joins them this time). There will be a lot of discussion about this deal, and I will leave the analysis of its efficacy for both teams to the sports analysts and pundits and focus on what we do best here at SeatGeek. With that in mind, we are setting up a Randy Moss Tracker where we will provide daily updates on the movements in Minnesota Vikings ticket prices.

—-> Click Here for the Randy Moss Tracker (tracking Vikings ticket price movements daily)

This was just announced this morning, so we won’t be able to measure the true impact until the coming days. However, I wanted to setup a benchmark with which we can track the impact of Randy Moss on ticket prices moving forward.

Vikings Avg. Ticket Prices at Home: Before Randy Moss

Vikings ticket prices before Randy Moss

  • As you can see, Vikings prices are quite high already averaging $143.54 for their remaining home games
  • The highest priced Vikings home game is when they meet their rivals, the Green Bay packers on 11/21/2010, where the prices are trading at $193.82
  • Even with these high prices, Vikings have ranked in the middle of the pack over the last week on our ranking of average NFL ticket prices (14th)

We will be continuing to update you in the coming days as more data surfaces as to the true impact. Questions to be answered:

  1. Will this make Vikings tickets one of the top ten most expensive in the NFL?
  2. Will the game vs. Green Bay eclipse the meteoric $200 average ticket price level?
  3. How will this impact the draw to Vikings game when they are on the road?
  4. What will be the overall impact to ticket prices for the Vikings?

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter if you have any questions or our curious about data for any particular away games. In addition, make sure you check back to see our tracker on Minnesota Vikings ticket prices, which is updated daily.

Average Vikings Ticket Prices for the 2010 Season (as of 10/5/2010)

Avg. Vikings ticket prices 2010

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