This week the Washington Nationals signed former Philadelphia Phillies right-fielder Jayson Werth. The team shocked fans and critics withthe terms they used to snag the top free agent: 7-years, at $126 million. The contract has easily become the most talked about move during this year’s MLB Winter Meetings, with many questioning not only if Werth is worth the money, but if the Nats can even afford him in the first place.

New York Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson went on record saying:

“I thought they were trying to reduce the deficit in Washington.”

As Werth’s deal is driving up prices across the league, raising the bids for Carl Crawford, the question on everyones’ minds is, what move will the Nationals make next? They’ll need to beef up the rest of the roster with all star hitters alongside Strasburg to really receive a return on their investment. That also includes tickets, for a team that has shown desperation in both season and single ticket sales across the season.

Tickets to the Nationals are starting to show up on the secondary market, and the team is currently ranked #13 in our MLB Ticket Prices & Rankings with an average price of $31.49.

Will Jayson Werth help the Nationals recover from their 69-93 record in 2010, driving fan demand and ticket prices? Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter @SeatGeek.