The first two games of the 2017 World Series between the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers were can’t-miss television, which is unfortunate for those who did miss it due to a lack of a cable subscription.

But have no fear! There are several options for watching the final games of the MLB season and they don’t involve shady, illegal streams that absolutely none of us have ever, ever tried before…

Below, you’ll find some helpful – and legal – tips on how to watch the World Series without a paying for cable.

Sling TV’s 7-Day Free Trial

As one of the premier replacements for traditional cable TV, Sling offers a wide variety of channels including FOX and FOX Sports. This means that, if you have the service, you can watch directly through your Sling app or link your account with the FOX Sports GO app to watch on almost any mobile device.

Sling offers streaming packages starting at $25/month, which includes access to FOX. If you don’t already have it, the service offers every brand-new customer a 7-day free trial. When you sign up, you do have to provide credit card information but you’re free to cancel the service any time before the seven days are up and you won’t be charged a thing.

As long as you’ve got an Internet-connected device, even if it’s just your computer, you can stream the World Series through Sling.

Try Out the Brand-New YouTube TV

Now available in most major cities, YouTube’s new streaming TV service is another great option for streaming World Series games. The service, much like Sling TV, provides access to all major channels including FOX, making it an easy way to watch the Astros and Dodgers face off.

The YouTube TV package starts at $35/month for the basic service without premium add-ons and, just like Sling TV, the service offers a 7-day free trial with the same stipulations – provide your credit card information and cancel before the trial ends at no charge.

NOTE: Not to turn this into a streaming service review article, but YouTube TV offers access to all the broadcast networks–at least in this author’s area–while many of the other competitors don’t. You won’t find CBS or NBC on Sling TV, at least not in most markets.

Watch Via the FOX Sports GO App

We briefly mentioned this earlier, but the FOX Sports GO app is another fantastic way to stream the World Series. It’s available on desktop, ROKU, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, as well as all iOS and Android devices via their respective app stores.

To take advantage of this very solid app, you’ll need to sign in to the app and link an existing cable/streaming TV account. So, while this is a great way to watch, it still requires service access. What makes this easier than signing up for the streaming service is that, if you have a wonderful friend or family member that doesn’t mind sharing his or her cable account info with you, you can utilize that account and take advantage of the app. You using someone else’s account won’t have any effect on that person’s ability to watch the games.

(Image courtesy John Liu via Flickr.)