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After one week of the NFL season, many teams have seen their ticket prices rise or fall due to the yearly fan tradition of Week 1 Overreaction. A big win, and a team’s average ticket price may shoot up, a disappointing loss and it craters. All fans of 1-0 teams right now might feel that their team is Super Bowl worthy, and seemingly, they are willing to pay for a Super Bowl worthy team as well. More analysis of the teams ticket prices are given on their team pages.

Top 12 NFL Teams by Average Ticket Price

  • All is still well in Jerry-world, as despite their week one loss, the Dallas Cowboys kept their top spot.
  • The two teams that played in Super Bowl XLIV are eerily close in their average ticket price, as the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints are 2nd and 3rd.
  • Just like they did on the field on Sunday, the Houston Texans stock shot up. They place sixth, which is very representative of the optimism surrounding the team after their huge win over the Colts.
  • Tom Brady called out the Patriots fans for not staying until the end of games like Jets fans do, although the Jets fans may stay late because they invested just a little bit more for those tickets in the first place, as the Jets rank one spot above the Patriots.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles cling to the final spot in the top 12, ironically just beating out the team that just beat them, as the Packers finished a few dollars behind.

Bottom 12 NFL Teams by Average Ticket Price

  • All bottom 12 teams are not made equally, as thrown in with the league’s bottom-feeders are three playoff teams from 2009, with the Bengals, Vikings and Chargers placing 23rd, 24th and 26th respectively. Not surprisingly, all three lost their opener.
  • Matt Moore has hurt not only his head, but the Panthers ticket prices as well, which declined badly after their loss to the Giants, dropping them to 28th.
  • The Lions and Falcons are well below the other bottom teams, placing a good $14 behind the Rams, who, given their 6-43 run since the start of the 2007 season, are probably one of the most overpriced teams, relative to their performance.

The market will probably correct itself from Week 1 overreaction as the weeks go by,  so it will be interesting to follow what teams see the shine of their week one surprises wear off as time goes by, and what teams recover and win back the support (and money) of their fans that were put off by a bad Week 1 performance.

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