Two weeks is still too early for fans to really act rationally with their impressions of their team. Losing a game and dropping to 1-1 is a lot worse for the psyche of fans then if a team is 10-1 and loses a game. That is part of the reason why the leaderboard was so volatile over the past week. There is another reason that might be behind some of the stranger drops, but I will get to that soon.

Top 12 NFL Teams by Average Ticket Price

  • The state of Texas is still king, but it is the Texans who have taken over the top spot. The Houston Texans‘ fans have waited and waited for a good playoff caliber team, and with them 2-0, and with the Cowboys coming to town, their prices have skyrocketed.
  • The Colts saw the biggest drop, going from #2 last week to barely hanging on in the top-12. This might have something to do with them being on the road the next two weeks and the Giants’ game having finished, which was raising prices.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers saw a huge rise (from #10 to #5), which tends to show that optimism is skyrocketing for a team that for now is excelling even without their star QB.
  • New York is still a Giants town, apparently, since the Giants and Jets moved in opposite directions, even after a humiliating Giants loss and a big Jets win.

Bottom 12 NFL Teams by Average Ticket Price

  • Surprisingly, despite a second straight win, the Chiefs fall back in the bottom-12. It is either that Chiefs fans have seen a drop after the prices were inflated for the Monday Night opener against San Diego, or even Chiefs fans know that a 2-point win against the Browns is not that impressive.
  • The Minnesota Vikings continue their slide, dropping two more slots after another loss. This is worth keeping an eye on as the Vikings try to make their final push for a tax-funded stadium.
  • After their crushing loss in their home opener, the Washington Redskins fall into the bottom-12, which must not make Daniel Snyder happy. The McNabb era hasn’t brought enough optimism to help stop lagging prices.
  • The Atlanta Falcons (off of a huge win) and the Detroit Lions (which are competitive for the first time in years) are still both well below all the other 30 teams. At least the Falcons have crossed the $60 barrier.

Overreaction is still a major factor in prices (like Washington’s falling after a tough loss at home) even in Week 2, but what seems to be more of a trend is that teams’ prices fall dramatically after they play marquee games. I will have a more detailed look at this later this week.

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