With week 2 of the NFL almost upon us, I wanted to kick off a weekly series looking at the most anticipated matchups of the coming week.

It’s getting late, so I am just going to jump right into the week 2 NFL ticket price data.

  • You may notice, the two most expensive tickets on this week in the secondary ticket market are at new modern stadiums – hopefully this strong fan demand can shorten the payback period on those stadiums…
  • The New England Patriots at the New York Jets is the most expensive ticket on the re-sale market, with an average price of $222.79
  • The Bears at Cowboys is the second highest priced ticket, at $204.92
  • In an interesting meta-competition that I am going to keep my eye on, the Sunday Night Football game commanded a higher price than the Monday Night Football game ($202.53 vs $155.68) – a 30.1% difference that could be a result of the Monday game being played at Candlestick Park

Although they are not at home this week, I also wanted to make quick note of the Houston Texans who gave us a perfect example of how a big win can immediately have an impact on fan demand.

Houston Texans ticket prices 9.17.2010

Ok that is all I have for now, have a great weekend everybody!


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