Fan overreaction is now behind us. We are now into the period where the fans’ reactions for the most part gel with the teams’ performance on the field. This allows us to better isolate other factors that may influence a team’s average ticket price, like large games that drive up prices, or extended road trips. Anyway, I’ll look into those factors later, and for now, here are the top-12 and bottom-12 teams in the league.

Top 12 NFL Teams by Average Ticket Price

  • The Bears might not be given the credit of a team that is the lone undefeated team in the NFC, but their fans do believe. The Chicago Bears price might still be inflated due to two days of Packers tickets, but that price is still indicitave of a market paying top-dollar for a top-team.
  • The most significant drop is the Saints falling from 3rd to 11th. After losing a tight home game to the Falcons, and despite having a home game coming up, the year-long honeymoon might finally have crested in the Big Easy.
  • The Steelers are one of the most consistent teams on the field, and they are the most consistent in the ticket market. The Steelers gained a spot to 4th, as their ticket price was consistent, in gaining just $5 dollars.
  • We analyzed the myth behind the Texans’ amazing ticket price. After losing at home to the Cowboys, as well as the fact that with the Cowboys’ game in the rear-view mirror, prices should come back down, the Texans just make the cut-off at number 12.

Bottom 12 NFL Teams by Average Ticket Price

  • I guess Atlanta is able to pay for a good product. The Falcons were detailed each of the last two weeks for having a surprisingly low ticket price. Their rank is still low, but their average ticket price went up $21 after their huge win over the Saints.
  • The Lions were the other team that was pointed for having the lowest ticket price each of the last two weeks. Somehow, with a third straight loss. Strangely, they don’t even have big home games coming up, as their next quality home game is on Halloween.
  • It would seem that the Kansas City Chiefs are strangely falling mightily despite their 3-0 start, as their price dropped from $107 to $84, but that might be more due to the fact that they don’t play a home game until October 24th, and that game is against the Jaguars.
  • The San Francisco 49ers enter the bottom 12 for the first time. After having loads of optimism surrounding the team coming into the season, their 0-3 start has brought up questions about their stability. It has definitely put the teams instability into question with the fans, as the 49ers have become the first team to feature in the top-12 and bottom-12 in the 2010 season.

Be sure to check back each week, to see which teams move up and down the list. Feel free to follow us on Twitter @SeatGeek and leave comments/questions on the page. ‘Til next time.